The young people nowadays think that the money is all and when they grow up, they find that out for certain

As they were very young they had thought that money was all and had been giving their youth to the companies , where they could get money from . And we, the young people, know about it(at least most of us).

Young children shouldn't watch so much television. Do you agree?

To sum up, it's hard to decide whether television is really dangerous thing for young children or not. It is obvious that young people shouldn?

Should young people receive money?

In my opinion young people should receive pocket money. Young people also. Sometimes young people spend money in short time.

Why do young people leave home?

There are many causes, why young people leave home. Young people are scared of parents, because the parents want too much.

Young Europeans - differences and similarities

YOUNG EUROPEANS A closer look at what do we have in common and what separates us Covered with snow, torn by immense, repeatedly coming snow-drifts, Gdańsk is a perfect place to have a walk.

Kim był James Young Simpson?

James Young Simpson, urodzony 7 czerwca 1811 r.

BOTTLENOSE DOLPHINS - Reproduction. Birth and care of young

Age when attaining sexual maturity is variable among bootlenose dolphins. On average , females become sexualy mature at about 5 to 12 years. Males become sexually mature at about 10 to 12 years. Females seem to be sexually receptive during a large part of the year and are generally responsible for initiating...

CHRISTIAN ENDEAVOUR, Young People's Society of Christian Endeavour

Międzynar. i interdenominacyjny ( -> denominacja) ruch młodzieżowy w obrębie Kościoła protest., zainicjowany 1881 w Portland (Maine, Stany Zjedn.) przez pastora kongregacjonalistów F.E. Clarka.

Początkowo Ch.E. reprezentowany był przez nieliczną grupę młodzieży pragnącej pogłębić znajomość Pisma...