Why I would like to be a movie star?

I would like to be a movie star, to be famous , but not like this people. Diana was died, because she was very famous - she wants to be famous when she gets married with prince Karol.

Which people do you know who work in old bureaucratic way? Which people seem to be moving ahead with fresh thinking? In what ways do you see yourself as a possible leader in your work life? How do you relate to change? Are you threatened by it or does it

From my experience that I had in the university I have learned that working with bureaucrats is very difficult because those people seem to be stuck in a one place and be very stubborn in their job. ”Stars” might be very close and it is worthy to try to reach to them.

Would you like to be an explorer a writer? What would you have to do to become one? If you wanted to be a writer, where would you look for inspiration?

The choice could be better, but I think - to be a writer - is more interesting and exciting. Someone might be suprised: " In what way to be a writer is more exciting than being an explorer ?

Would you like to be on a desert island?

It would be awful for me. You have to do everything what could be useful for you. Sometimes I would like to be on a desert island, away from problems and people.

She tore open the letter and read it quickly. She had to be there at nine o'clock (story, CPE level)

After dropping everything into the big, old-fashioned canvas sack she started to write a short letter to her parents, which turned out to be merely a notice.

The only way to live in this wicked world is to be assertive and ignore our neighbours

I believe that world would be much better if people started being helpful and kind to each other.


In today`s times man can or to be, that is to proceed peaceably with one`s own conseience, and according to own ideals, or to have, that is to be possesor of greatest quantities of material goods, without looking on needs of other people.

Is it easier to be a teenager or an adult

Parents earn money for their children, they’ve buying them food, clothes, gives them place for living – home, they are more experienced and can give good advices how teenagers should live if they want to be good people in the future. I think easier is to be a teenager.

Lucky to be Alive - enterprise plus, str. 47/zd 18b

- Ok, but be careful, I have a bad filling about this. - Yes, lucky to be alive.

It was going to be a journey of a lifetime, a journey that millions dream of and never make, and I wanted to do justice to all those dreams

However remnant clast outlines can be identified at most localities, proximally and distally. Beauty of scenery caused that decided to stay on her for some time.

Why „Waiting for Godot” can be difficult to understand by the Youth

They strongly believe that he can be their hope and only his presence might be the most important thing in their lives. It’s difficult to be concentrated on the performance.

The overweight should be offered financial incentives to lose weight

Another argument brought to the fore by the adamant opponents of the idea of the suggested incentive to lose weight is that because we are free people, we cannot be denied the chance to make a choice between a slim and stout figure.

What could be done in order to promote sport in polish schools?

First number of hours of PE should be increased. There should be organised some Olympics for children or at least some sport competitions which everyone could be enjoying. More modern sport equipment should be bought.

Men and women should be allowed to do the same jobs. What do you think?

Nowadays there are jobs that either man an woman should be allowed to do.

Co to jest mapa?


Co to jest produkt?

Obejmują produkty kupowane często i rutynowo, bez większego zastanowienia.

Renesans to optymizm i proporcje, barok to niepokój i nadmiar.

Teraz sceny religijne miały być malowane w taki sposób, aby człowiek poczuł się wobec nich mały, kruchy i bezradny. W sztuce, wyrażającej dotychczas radość płynącą z bezpieczeństwa człowieka wobec Boga i władzy, pojawił się niepokój i dramat.

Antysemityzm to tylko wytwór systemów totalitarnych w czasie II wojny światowej?

Fakt wybuchu powstania stanowił zaprzeczenie obiegowego wizerunku Żyda, bezbronnego człowieka, bez oporu idącego na śmierć i biernie pozwalającego hitlerowcom na znęcanie się nad nim.

Świat to labirynt, teatr, sen...” – która z koncepcji mówienia o świecie przez literaturę jest najbliższa Twojemu sposobowi postrzegania rzeczywistości?

Na strychach mają swe siedziby rządy, strażnicy zjadają cudze śniadania (Proces Franz Kafka), a barmanka Frieda może zostać małżonką każdego bez ceremonii ślubu (Zamek Franz Kafka).