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On nie zasługuje na światłość..." - "Mistrz i Małgorzata" jako traktat o kondycji artysty i jego stosunku do własnej twórczości.

Kondycja artysty traktującego swoją pracę jako pańszczyznę wobec systemu jest tragiczna, gdyż nie widzi on swojego pomysłu, zapału i rozważań w sygnowanym własnym przecież nazwiskiem dziele.

Wskaźnik rentowności aktywów (ROA Return on Assets)

Im wartość tego wskaźnika jest wyższa, tym korzystniejsza jest sytuacja firmy. W niektórych dziedzinach wskaźnik rentowności majątku jest niski (np. w handlu hurtowym) często jest bardzo wysoki.

Wskaźnik rentowności kapitału własnego (ROE Return on Equity)

Jest on relacją miedzy zyskiem netto a kapitałem własnym, zaangażowanym w działalność gospodarczą. Biorąc pod uwagę, że w gospodarce rynkowej kapitał własny może być zainwestowany w różne przedsięwzięcia, ocena efektywności zainwestowanego kapitału w dane przedsięwzięcie ma dla właściciela kapitału znaczenie podstawowe.

Rekrutacja On-Line

Ważną cechą poczty elektronicznej w procesie rekrutacji jest jej skuteczność wynikająca z szybkości komunikowania się.

A trip on Pogoria

Our wonderful trip with Pogoria begun on Palma de Mallorca, but before we got there, we had to go by bus to Warsaw- Okecie where were waiting for the plane a few hours. We expected a tasty Italian pizza, but we finally got that one in pieces, which was almost cold and didn't look tasty.

"Araby" and "A Sunrise On The Veld"

this is how life goes one, by living things dying in anguish. These examples suggested images of decay, death and imprisonment. In one image, the description of his home compared to the vastness of the veld, his home was described as low and small under a brilliant sky.

Catastrophe on holiday

Waiting for this desirable event is expressed in one of Madonna's famous songs "If we took a holiday. In those rich in wild life be prepared to meet jellyfish stinging when touched, porcupines equipped in sharp quills and other dangerous species including sharks.

Clinton Scandal & Vote on President's Impeachment

You are distracted from more important things going on in the world, and this can make the mess a whole lot worse. Saying vultures I mean republicans that know that Clinton's offenses are not impeachable but are pressing the thing forward only because of imagined political advantage.

Different views on crime and punishment

The first thing that comes to my mind is to deter people from committing crime by making the punishments as severe as possible: murder with malice aforethought should by punishable by a least 25 years of imprisonment - it is unacceptable that a murderer leaves prison after 15 years because of good behaviour.

Influence of media on the society

The most important matter is the impact that media have on the children and youth, part of the nation that will build our future but is the most open to suggestions; either good or bad ones. The best movie is considered one with explosions, killing, good fights, pretty and sexy ladies and so on.

Is life on earth in danger?

It's important if we want heal our planet. Maybe I'm too optimistic, but from my point of view, nowadays things are going in the right direction.

Letter to complain - holiday on Tenerife

Unfortunatelly I went on a holiday on the Spanish island, not the British one, and spending money for something what I have in my home does not make any sense to me. You can image how dissapointed I am, to have wasted my money on somehing what I can see on Television Set, or I can buy at home.

Living on a desert island

DISADVANTAGES: - you are likely to meet the boa constrictor that hung in your outside toilet - it's impossible to spend all the time sunbathing and swimming; it's too dangerous to go in the sea, which is full of sharks.

"My Life Closed Twice Before Its Close" - poem and thoughts on

Emily Dickinson "My life closed twice before its close" My life closed twice before its close It yet remains to see If immortality unveil A third event to me So huge, so hopeless to conceive As these that twice befell Parting is all we know of heaven And all we need of hell Thoughts on "My Life Closed Twice Before Its Close" Emily Dickinson This is one of the best poems that I have ever read.

Scaramanga walked to the door and turn on the lights

Scaramanga said: -This is one of my guards who is going to kill you. When Scaramanga went away James use his arrows one more time, and guard blocked out, and James could escape.


The most important matter is the impact that music everybody can listen. After all day of work or school we are going home, we turn on the music player and we listen.

"The Sick Rose" - poem and thoughts on

That they are always with us and it is almost impossible for them to leave us alone. Dreams cannot be our enemies, because we make them by ourselves, if something does not go well and we want to change something, at first we always start from imagining the new situation.

What do you think of AIDS victims begging for money to live on?

What's more begging for money is the only one way to survive.

What is the hidden message in the lyrics of “The show must go on”?

I think that the hidden message in this song is "Never give up, always fight with your problems and go to your goals". If we’ll encounter an obstacle on our way, we must deal with it and go on.

The influence of press on people’s lives

I usually don’t read magazines. But I think people when read them, the journalists influence their opinion. For example: When they read some information about famous people, we usually believe they are true. Press attacks often famous people. They haven’t private life. Also if we read advertisements in the press...