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Why do we need a car? (+/-)





weaker - słabszy

pick up - podrywać

the next - następny

sensible, reasonable - rozsądny

supply - zaopatrzyć

take part in... - brać udział w...

to be exposed to... - być narażonym na...

invention - wynalazek

daily life - codzienne życie

delay - spóźnienie

Modern media - can we live without them?

1. Introduction - the topic of the presentation What I am going to discuss in my presentation, is a matter of modern media. I am sure that all of you can say more or less about this issue. First I will give a definition of word 'media', then discuss good and bad points of them. In the end, I will try to answer the key question of the presentation - can we live without modern media? 2. A definition of word 'media' Simply, the media are the institutions which are to deliver us an important,