Nowodworski school in Kraków

Our school has a great opinion as one of best school not only in Cracow, but also in Poland. One of them was Polish king John III Sobieski famous defender of Europe in battle in Vienna in 1683r.

Place I would like to live in

The fun of dream houses isn't in having them, but in dreaming of them. I think living in such a big city as Paris would satisfy me, because there's always something going on and it's impossible to be bored.

Political System In The UK

In practice, the Prime Minister and the cabinet, who initiates virtually all proposed bills and who are politically responsible for the administration of the law and the affairs of the nation, dominate legislation). Life peers include lords of appeal and an increasing number of lords created in recognition of distinguished service (often in politics).

The advantages and disadvantages of living in a flat

What is more, in your own house you can be free, for example, you can make party in the garden or you can invite all your big family for dinner and you don't have to worry that there is not enough place in your flat.

The only way to live in this wicked world is to be assertive and ignore our neighbours

Those traits have been always used in films for children and people who are endowed with them always win with the evil, so maybe it pays to be kind Though people who are disinterested beyond measure, are usually used and they loose a lot of money or devotion, those people should learn how to be assertive.

The richest man in the world

He owns hotels all round the world, in London, in Los Angels, in Singapore. When he was a thirty-five he fell in love with marim Bell and he married her, too, and now he has two wives and ten children, four princes and six princesses - all live happily together in the palace.

The role of television in your life

I am interested in sport so I watch live perfomances of soccer, basketball and tennis. I dream about movies with subtitles on polish TV but in my opinion it is only utopia- There are also many other things that make TV special, like weather forecasts, competitions, talk-shows etc.

They stood together in the dark and waited, as the footsteps came closer... (story, CPE level)

They started sailing yet in the secondary school, and during the studies became one of the best racing crews in their country. For a few years everything was going very good - they won lots of races, finished their studies, and even took part in the annual Australian race, which is considered as one of the greatest difficulty and prestige.

Three generations under the same roof. What conflicts occur in this kind of family?

In the beginning I would like to sort my reflection in two parts:-In first part I will show the negative parts of living in that kind of family. The living in the same roof with your parents and grandfather or grandmother (or both of them ) is very interesting and instructive, but disturb too.

Violence in computer games

Violence in computer games has always been considered as one of the main reasons of young people's bad behavior. And there is no point in considering a computer games player as a potential killer.

Violence in Poland

If half the energy that goes into violent acts were put to good use, at improving living standards and providing education and employment for all, people would be happy and life would be peaceful, but now everything goes in opposed directions.

What are easter customs in poland?

Easter holidays are at third full moon Sunday after Christmas Holidays. But we go last day to school on Wednesday, because there is Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday. There is also Easter Monday, on which people sprinkle each other with water. On Saturday we go to church to consecrate Easter food like...

What could be done in order to promote sport in polish schools?

There is too little hours of Physical Education in Polish schools. Three or four in normal schools is far too little. This one, which is now in use, is very old and dangerous.

What do I think about “Małolat” action in Poland

In last few moths I heard about action "Małolat" in Wroclaw. Then the police action spread out from Wroclaw, and now its almost in every bigger city in Poland.

What do people in my age can do during this winter holidays? What sports can they practice, where they can go, what would i like to do most during this winter holidays?

In February we have winter holidays. I am not sure because maybe I will go to Mountains, to Ustron, that place where I was in the last summer. I think, that people in my age can do many thing.

What do people in Poland thought that children in my age should to do and ought to do? What do people in my age used to do when I was younger? What my parents used to do when they was in my age?

My parents, when they was in my age, did many different things than I am doing today. They had to go to school six days in the week. They had to help more in their homes than I am.

What is the hidden message in the lyrics of “The show must go on”?

The main question in this song is: "What are we living for"? I think that the hidden message in this song is "Never give up, always fight with your problems and go to your goals".

Which would you prefer, to live in a flat or to live in a house of your own?

There is another think that I like in living in the flat. Only plus I can see in living in house is that you can do what ever you want and with no hang-up. I have no words of contempt against living in house.

Why do people in Poland and all over the world learn English?

When I was starting learning language I was only studding in my school. Then, in the third year of learning I started learning private. They will be able to watch films, news bulletins, videos and much more spoken in English.

You are a tourist, staying in Poland. What's your opinion?

There are also a lot of things to see here, I have already visited some of the Polish attractions and tomorrow I am planning to go to Zakopane, which is said to be one of the most interesting places in Poland.