Rock Is Not Enough

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Marriage without children is not complete

There is no doubt that it is not only the problem of the decreasing European population but - above all - the one of the couple who makes such a decision. When she does not, there is a risk that she will start treating her husband as a child. I am not sure the man would not enjoy it.

IS (losif Stalin) - czołg

Ciężki czołg radziecki opracowany w połowie 1943 r. w fabryce nr 100 (Biuro Konstrukcyjne i Oddział Doświadczalny Zakładów Kirow-skich w Czelabińsku) przy wyko­rzystaniu konstrukcji zdobytego pod Leningradem niemieckiego czołgu *Tiger (Tygiys).

Pierwsze trzy prototypy były gotowe w sierp­niu 1943 r. Po...

Ask not what country can do for you, ask waht you can do for your country - a good citizenship value

A swallow may not make a summer; however, individual citizens, joining efforts-whether in a recycling center, a kitchen, a Mathematics lab, or a primary classroom-can build a strong community and country.

Being a child is a wonderful thing

Being a child is a wonderful thing. You don't have any duties and don't need to work all day. Ten years ago, when I was very young I even had problems with organising my free time! Playing soccer, riding a bike, watching TV or going to the cinema was taking too little time. Learning? Oh no! In one hour all the...

Conjoined twins - to separate or not? - speech

The parents' wishes do not persuade me that it is right that Jodie should be denied the enjoyment of a life for which she is well equipped. I am not entitled to value the quality of one human life as worth more than another's and I do not do so.

Do you think it is important to follow fashion?

It starts being identified with a way of living, convictions, opinions, and not a person as an individual. As far as I'm concerned, most of people wearing them nowadays are simply snobs, not sportsmen.

In the play by William Shakespeare ''Macbeth'' is it Macbeth who is to blame for King Duncan's Death?

" (II, ii, 13) In addition, the murder does not relieve her of her self-doubt and insecurity. The evil deed has not imparted the feelings of power she had expected.

Is life on earth in danger?

Nowadays the hole in the ozone layer and the greenhouse effect persuaded man, that nature it not capable to absorb all his destructive impacts. I don't know whether we can say, that life on earth is not in danger.

Is nuclear power the only solution to the energy crisis?

During the last decades there has been noticed an increased use of fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas.

My grandmother, who is still alive

My grandmother is now 79 years old. She was born in 1920 in Poznań. When she was young she went to school, where she had to work hard. Teachers before the Second World War were different than today. They were more agressive and they weren’t forgiving. She lost contact with all her friends during the war. She...

What is the personality?

One of the problem concerned the "personality" relies on the fact that people has different view on the point of meaning of that word. Many psychological dictionaries claim, that term "personality" has no clarification. It's applied in too many diverse contexts, and its meaning is too broad and indefinable. For the...


If we do not have much time, we can not work and learn so we have not much money and we are poor. Families do not communicate their feelings and do not exchange impressions.

The Ku Klux Klan members think, that the white people are the best race. What is your view - point?

There are a lot of examples of lack of tolerance in the history. Everyone is different: we have different colour of eyes, skin, hair, also different opinions about things around us, life, other people. People are used to compare theirs appearance and opinions to the others. They think: "I am good, beautiful and...

The only way to live in this wicked world is to be assertive and ignore our neighbours

I think that assertiveness is a good feature as long as it's not altering into selfishness. It is for people who do not know how to say NO, but it does not mean a person should answer NO to every single question, he is asked.

The society is made of many sorts of people

They are all citizens and it is not possible and not right to eliminate groups of those, who are not comfortable for us. What I do not like is intolerant people, who claim they hate someone, because he or she is "bad", but it is not true, they do not hate, they just do not know them.

The young people nowadays think that the money is all and when they grow up, they find that out for certain

Wilde`s actions were not conformed to getting money - he has always done what he wanted, whether it could give him profits or not. The last group is definitely the happiest - people do not have too much money and they do not feel like taking part in the race to get it .

Water is the healthiest drink

As the recent research shows every living organism on our planet - the Earth, needs to drink. Unfortunately, rarely does it happen that organisms may choose what they will be fed with. For example in no way can the plants drink that what is the best for them. Moreover there is another question: "if we drink then...

What is my favourite serial? Why is it my favourite? Why do people watch soap operas?

I don’t know exactly what is my favourite serial. I like many of them. I like for example "The X-Files". It’s very good serial with good actors and great scripts. For every episode I am very excited. I am often scared to death. The serial is about two FBI agents - Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. They have many...

What is my opinion about nuclear power

When nuclear syntesis is not controlled it destroy many creatures including humans. Pollution of Earth could not be describe. But if nuclear power didn't exist there would not be sun or any other star in whole universe.

What is the biggest achievement of mankind

In conclusion I would like to say that not only television has made my life more interesting and colourful.