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Homelessness and disability - world wide problem

In our daily life we met a lot of people without home, living on the streets. The problem is that we got used to this. Homelessness became an integral part of our today's world. Even in well-developed countries this still is a problem.

As far as my opinion is concerned that there is still to little help for them...

How and from where do you find out about the world?

In our daily life we always have contact with information - all kind of information. We are almost flooded by information. On every step we have served news. No matter how, it can be through a radio, TV, newspaper or even through the Internet. Journalists search out new sensational events. They fight for client...

Is nuclear power the only solution to the energy crisis?

For example, the solar power stations, which might have been a good solution, increase the temperature nearby, though causing the death of insects or plants organism in this area.

Nuclear power plants are best source of energy

The truth is that there are nuclear power plants all around our country; therefore our country is in such a zone that will be polluted if any accident happens in any of these power plants that surround Poland.

Nuclear power

Some people believe that mankind should look for other forms of power, for example solar energy which is cheap and environmentally safe. However, solar power provides only 8% for of the world's energy and it is still too early to replace fission with this alternative.

One day computers will rule the world

Now, in year 2001 computers are present everywhere. They seem to be indispensable in our lives. Since they were invented in 1948, they has revolutionized millions of people work, study, conduct business transactions or making research. At now they are even in cars, in our houses or in our toys.

The first...

The only way to live in this wicked world is to be assertive and ignore our neighbours

I do not agree with the statement. I believe that world would be much better if people started being helpful and kind to each other.

If we are assertive and we ignore our friend's problems, they surely won't help us when we'll be in need. Of course I don't mean that favours are acceptable only when they are...

The richest man in the world

Despite all his money and power the Sultan is a very shy man.

There are many languages and cultures which are disappearing or have already disappeared from the world

Latin, Greek and Yiddish are dead languages. Latin is used by doctors and in biological terms. Yiddish is used by orthodox Jews. Another example is the pagan culture which was destroyed by Christianity. The culture and traditions of Inks or Aztecs died out when Europeans arrived in America.

Today many cultures...

What is my opinion about nuclear power

But if nuclear power didn't exist there would not be sun or any other star in whole universe. I think that peaple should get used to nuclear power, nuclear plants, nuclear bombs and X-rays.

Why do people in Poland and all over the world learn English?

I learn English for seven years. When I was starting learning language I was only studding in my school. But the standard of the teaching was very low. Then, in the third year of learning I started learning private. Since that moment I was learning very well. After year I was the best in the class. And I am still...

English as a world language

Spanish for example has 360 million speakers, but none of the Spanish-speaking countries is of great importance as global power.

Are you afraid about world's future?

1. pessimistic or optimistic-> reasons, 150 words

I am pessimistic concerning the worlds future, because there wasn't done enough in the past. Nobody made sorrows about the environment. So the CFC's which were produced 40 years ago, are now

destroying the ozon layer. So the ozon layer will be destroyed for the...

The world as a global village

Nowadays is very popular to use internet to communicate with people by computers. This thinks makes that world is a global village. By internet or phonewe can communicate with people ine the whole world easy and quickly. TV provide people many information about another country ,about what is happening in the world...

Modern world

clone – klonować; klon

is tending towards – podąża w kierunku

extermination - zagłada

improper - niewłaściwy

reject – odrzucać, nie akceptować

appear – pojawiają się

weapon - broń

note – zauważyć, dostrzec

activity - działalność

noxious compounds - szkodliwe...

Of these three – money, sex and power – which is the most attractive?

If you are rich and powerfull you attract those of opposite sex.


(wym. kręjzy ho:s), Właśc. Taszunka Uitlo, ok. 1849-77, wódz indiańskiego plemienia Oglala Sioux, dowodził wyprawami przeciw Indianom Mandan i Crow, także przeciw białym; oparł się próbom zmuszenia go do życia w rezerwatach; pokonał w 1876 George A. Crooka nad rzeką Rosebud i w bitwie pod Little Bighorn...


Metoda Group-Team-Ware ułatwia współpracę pracowników różnych komórek organizacyjnych gdyż pozwala pokonać opór a także umożliwia swobodną wymianę informacji i pomysłów między członków zespołu np.

RUBINOWE TYCHY (2011) - MOZAIKA z kamieni szlachetnych i dekoracyjnych oraz złota próby 0,585 - Urząd Miasta Tychy - autor Henryk Jan Dominiak artysta rzeźbiarz, Dyrektor Muzeum Sztuki - (dzieła wybrane)

RUBINOWE TYCHY (2011) - mozaika - autor Henryk Jan Dominiak artysta rzeźbiarz, Dyrektor Muzeum Miniaturowej Sztuki Profesjonalnej Henryk Jan Dominiak w Tychach.

Opis mozaiki Rubinowe Tychy:

Do zamocowania kamieni symbolizujących plan miasta - mozaikę Rubinowe Tychy i służącym mi jako nośnik o konturach...

EKSPANSJA KOLORU NR 1 - (2011) - Henryk Jan Dominiak - (dzieła wybrane)

EKSPANSJA KOLORU NR 1 - (2011) - olej na płótnie 80 × 100 cm - CYKL ZNAKI. Obraz jest wynikiem mojej gradualnie rozwijającej się  pracy twórczej. Jako artysta rzeźbiarz, malarz no i założyciel oraz dyrektor Muzeum Miniaturowej Sztuki Profesjonalnej Henryk Jan Dominiak w Tychach, staram się ciągle szukać...