Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow

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What is the hidden message in the lyrics of “The show must go on”?

The main question in this song is: "What are we living for"? I think that the hidden message in this song is "Never give up, always fight with your problems and go to your goals".

What the more useful inventions in the 20th century? Give some examples

Everything what we are looking for is in one machine. It’s one of invention, which most people have in the world.

National Identity in the Era of Globalization

There are many reasons to think that globalization might undermine the feelings of national identity: * multinational corporations promote a certain kind of consumerist culture and ipso facto create similar lifestyles * modern institutions make nowadays all human practices more efficient, controllable, and predictable, as exemplified by the spread of fast food * the United States exerts hegemonic influence in ...

The best shopping street in the world

A recent survey has shown that the busiest shopping street in the world is not London,New York, or Paris, but in Warsaw. It is possible to travel the world and find the same things for sale in every country.

A cat in the rain - Ernest Hemingway

With respect to "Cat in the rain" discuss Hemingway's philosophy of life and style of writing. Another important aspect are weather descriptions, which usually constitute substantial part in his writing and introduce the readers into the atmosphere of a story.

Advantages and disadvantages of living in the country

Living in the country has both pros and cons. In fact there's nothing to buy there. Finally, I think that the coutry is only for people who prefer living in peace, for old people.

AIDS - the problem of contemporary word

They believe, that they can very easily get infected, but it's not true. The truth is that it's not possible to get infected by touch, kiss or using the same bathtub.

Factors, that are important for me in my choice of a job

I would also enjoy a high degree of freedom in deciding how to complete my tasks and duties. For example by taking part in training programs paid by the company.

I am in the perfect shape

Many people aren`t healthy and they aren`t in a good shape, but not me, I am in a perfest shape. In summer I run everyday.

In the play by William Shakespeare ''Macbeth'' is it Macbeth who is to blame for King Duncan's Death?

It is interesting to note the importance of gender in the personifications of evil in Macbeth. His weakness is his inability to control his mind, which ruins him and most of the characters in the play.

My hopes and fears for the future with the approach of new era mankind

All things considerate right now, I have a very grey vision of what the world will look like in the future due to the fact, that maybe people will soon realize that we are harming the environment and turning things around but on this rate, I would say that we will be in a deep trouble in the future.

Political System In The UK

In practice, the Prime Minister and the cabinet, who initiates virtually all proposed bills and who are politically responsible for the administration of the law and the affairs of the nation, dominate legislation). Life peers include lords of appeal and an increasing number of lords created in recognition of distinguished service (often in politics).

Scaramanga walked to the door and turn on the lights

When Scaramanga stooped for gun, James shooted to him an arrows with sleeping gas witch was in his watch. Suddenly one of the guards who stood behind them hit Marry and James in to their heads.

The biography of Salvador Dali

In 1924 he was suspended for a year for insubordination, and in 1926 he was expelled for his rebellious behavior, which included refusing to take an examination, because he was told, that he would be asked about Rafael and he felt that teachers were not qualified to judge him.

The Colour of Success

In addition to wearing yellow ties, the successful businessmen were clean shaven. The report also notes that most successful people have business degrees, attended public school, drive sports cars and were brought up in the south-east outside London.

The history of Romeo and Juliet

Julia fell in love witch Romeo. And Romeo was hidden in the busches. While he was away, Juliet's father decided she had to marry another man in three days' time.


It is a problem discussed in many ways. I think that music is very important thing in our life, because we can be much more relaxed when we are listening. Music can also show what we have in our soul.

The Ku Klux Klan members think, that the white people are the best race. What is your view - point?

There are a lot of examples of lack of tolerance in the history. Anyway, in my opinion, the behaviour is much more important in life than colour of the skin.

The price of fame

Many people were quick to blame the paparazzi, those free-lance photographers who specialize in celebrities. This permission could be granted in either of two ways: explicitly, by written consent of the person or an agent; or implicitly, by participation in an event where picture-taking is allowed.

The richest man in the world

He owns hotels all round the world, in London, in Los Angels, in Singapore. When he was a thirty-five he fell in love with marim Bell and he married her, too, and now he has two wives and ten children, four princes and six princesses - all live happily together in the palace.