Naruto Shippūden 3: Inheritors of the Will of Fire

Czytaj Dalej

Jean Berthier, Founder of the Missionaries of the Holy Family (MSF)

"Nothing will be done without piety. "It is necessary to pray a lot for this purpose, so that people will be able to say about us: it is true that imitating the Holy Family is possible, since these young people are living copies of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

Using some of the theories of leadership we have discussed in class which theory do you personally subscribe to any and why?

Leaders should support and listen to their employees, because only by doing that employees will feel respected and able to achieve greater goals. That is why I personally will try to find my own way of leading and influencing people.

AIDS - the problem of contemporary word

AIDS means Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

It's really extremely dangerous disease. People ill with AIDS lose their physical immunity, which often leads to death.

Today we can say about epidemic of AIDS, because it's killing hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Scholars have no prospect of a...

Alaska - one of the most beautiful states

In 1867, Russia sold Alaska to the United States, in a treaty signed by Secretary of State William Seward.

Euro - the official currency of the EU

Although Euro notes and coins will not appear until 1 January 2002, the new currency can be used by consumers, retailers, companies of all kinds and public administrations from 1 January 1999 in the form of "written money" - that is, by means of cheques, travellers' cheques, bank transfers, credit cards and electronic purses.

My hopes and fears for the future with the approach of new era mankind

All things considerate right now, I have a very grey vision of what the world will look like in the future due to the fact, that maybe people will soon realize that we are harming the environment and turning things around but on this rate, I would say that we will be in a deep trouble in the future.

Summary of the chosen article

The summary of " The frill is gone " Newsweek 17 May 1999 In " The frill is gone " William Underhill describes a specific fight between smaller and bigger airline companies .

The biography of Salvador Dali

Salvador Dalí - Spanish painter, draughtsman, designer, sculptor, film-maker and writer - was born in Figueras, Catalonia, on 11th of May 1904. His father was an atheist and his mother was a devout Catholic. An elder brother, also called Salvador, had died nine months before Dalí's birth. Everyone connect the...

The Colour of Success

Here`s a tip for business success wear a yellow tie. According to a British study, the country`s most successful businessmen wear conservative clothing and yellow checked ties.

The British leadership Survey looked at 200 board directors and chief executives from companies with a yearly trunover of more than 500...

The history of Romeo and Juliet

The history of Romeo and Juliet was written by W. Scheakspare. This is very beautiful story about sincere love. Now at finish twenty century people always say :I love you. But I'm afraid that they don't understand these words. In history of Romeo and Juliet heroes love each other and they can't live without...


And I`m thinking that music will be existing for the last day of human kind. I don`t know what kind of music will be listen by me for twenty years, maybe it will be some kind of music from some other civilisation.

The price of fame

Three years ago most of the world has learned about the tragic death of Princess Diana and her companion, Dodi Al-Fayed. Many people were quick to blame the paparazzi, those free-lance photographers who specialize in celebrities. And even though it appears that high-speed driving by an intoxicated chauffeur...

The role of television in your life

The television matters a lot in my life. I spend many hours in front of my TV. I know that it isn't healthy activity, but I am addicted. I watch everything what is worth seeing, but sometimes I only change the channels all the time-

I like watching news. Especially "Fakty", "Wiadomości" i "Teleexpress". Every...

The society is made of many sorts of people

Many of us are not tolerant, because we do not know how to behave and what the response will be. We are very often afraid of them, because we think they will hurt us.

The Speckled Band (The story from the point of Sherlock Holmes view)

I went to town and saw the will off Dr. Roylott will receive the rest of money. Watson my notes about the will.

What is the hidden message in the lyrics of “The show must go on”?

We can’t spend life worrying about the things we did, but we must focus on the things we will do. If something will go wrong you won’t be disappointed, but you’ll try to deal with it.

Elvis Presley: THE KING OF ROCK´N ROLL - wypracowanie

When Elvis Presley, the king of Rock n n Roll, died in 1977, President Carter called him "a symbol of America." At the time of his death Elvis was already a legend, and his attraction remains unbroken in spite of seventeen years that have passed since.

Elvis Presley was born in Tulepo ,a small town in northern...

The role of Poland in Europe

that we must find money for such a purpose, and then it is necessary only to transform the will of society into political will.

Every man is the architect of his own future

I want to have a good job,this is very important for me I know that I must be strong, intelligent,to be full of optymism, and I must hard work then in the future will be better for me.

What are the causes of stress? How do people relive stress?

We can meet stress everywhere. For example: at school, at work, at home – everywhere. I think that many situation causes stress. Children fell stress because they are scared of tests or teachers. If they have bad notes they’ll be scared of parents. At work people all the time fell stress. At home stress is caused...