Music in my life







rebel against – buntują się przeciwko

fashion - moda

amusement - rozrywka

conviction - przekonanie

habit - zwyczaj

willingly - chętnie

youth - młodość

irritate - denerwować

mood - humor

depends on - zależy od

benefits – korzyści

wonder – zastanawiać się


The influence of the music on the society. It is a problem discussed in many ways. The most important matter is the impact that music everybody can listen.

We have many kind of music. From the clasic music to the hard rock and metal. Almost everybody like to hear some music. I think that music is very important...

Role of music in our lives

Music is something that we perhaps take for granted in our daily lives, particularly when it exists in the form of background music, from advertising jingles to MTV. However, do we as society take music as seriously as we should? In this essay, I will examine this subject from the perspectives of the professional musician and the music teacher, giving my own views on the status of music today. Taking the point of view of professional musicians, it can be easily recognized that music serves ...

My favourite music group

Most of teenagers like lisening to music.They are fascinated by groups or singers. Some people like heavy metal, pop, jazz or clasical music. And many, like me, like rock music. I listen to groups like Nirvana, Offspring, Garbage, but my favourite is Polish group T.Love. This group started its carrer in...


(wym. ko:tis institju:t ow mju:zyk) Jedna z najsławniejszych uczelni muzycznych USA, zał. w 1924 w Filadelfii przez fundatorkę Mary Louise Curtis Bok, późn. żonę skrzypka Efrema Zimbalista, nazwąna po jej ojcu, amer. wydawcy prasowym, Cyrusie Curtis; wykładowcami są głównie wirtuozi ( w 1924-38...