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Marriage without children is not complete

We live in the world of ageing societies. In such countries as Germany or Hungary there has been a falling birthrate for many years. Even in Poland the number of people seems to be almost unchangeable and it is likely to drop soon. Unfortunately, more and more human beings decide to marry and not to have any...

How would our life look like without commercials?

Advantages and disadvantages of the television Television is the main and most important source about what is happening on the, world and watching TV is the most popular pastime in many countries. But television has also it’s dark side, because when we watch it too much we are subject to be a television maniac. The twentieth century has made television a very popular form of entertainment ,and no one can imagine life without this little home cinema. When somebody don’t have TV, we ...

Modern media - can we live without them?

1. Introduction - the topic of the presentation What I am going to discuss in my presentation, is a matter of modern media. I am sure that all of you can say more or less about this issue. First I will give a definition of word 'media', then discuss good and bad points of them. In the end, I will try to answer the key question of the presentation - can we live without modern media? 2. A definition of word 'media' Simply, the media are the institutions which are to deliver us an important,