Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

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The good points and bad points of being rich and famous

There are advantages and disadvantages of being rich and famous. And here in Poland Adam Małysz who has become almost national hero after this historical win in World Cup.

Alaska - one of the most beautiful states

The Southeast consists of a thin strip of mainland and islands. The result is giant-sized fruits and vegetables - strawberries larger than eggs and 75-pound cabbages!

Euro - the official currency of the EU

Although Euro notes and coins will not appear until 1 January 2002, the new currency can be used by consumers, retailers, companies of all kinds and public administrations from 1 January 1999 in the form of "written money" - that is, by means of cheques, travellers' cheques, bank transfers, credit cards and electronic purses.

Scaramanga walked to the door and turn on the lights

Merry took James gun behind his back and pointing directly at Scaramanga, but he said: -Put the gun down and kick it to me, or I kill James. When Scaramanga went away James use his arrows one more time, and guard blocked out, and James could escape.

She tore open the letter and read it quickly. She had to be there at nine o'clock (story, CPE level)

\\\" She dropped the pen and rushed to the bus stop, almost forgetting to take the sack. When she arrived on the stop she worked out that the bus had just left, and there is no chance that she could get there on time with the other one.

Summary of the chosen article

Most of the fledglings and smaller carriers are harmed by the government . The pundits claim , it can't be done for the company without long-lasting recommendation and its only hope is to run a business all of its own .

The advantages and disadvantages of living in a flat

Despite the disadvantages, I prefer living in a flat to living in a house because I'm very outgoing and I enjoy living among many people.

The advantages and disadvantages of travelling by car

You can quickly move and you can travel from door to door. Sometimes you can be stuck in a traffic jam, you have to pay for car park and petrol. I feel more free in my own car and I can move quickly from place to place.

The weather and the humans

It can certainly have a very positive effect and unfortunately can destroy and kill. When it is overcast and it is raining, they feel angry and annoyed, and when the sun shines, they are happy.

They stood together in the dark and waited, as the footsteps came closer... (story, CPE level)

He grabbed her by the hand and forced to stand up and move away from the sea. She grabbed his hand, and pulled him towards her.

What is the hidden message in the lyrics of “The show must go on”?

But that life is full of violence, misunderstanding and evil. Everyone has problems, some of them are little and unimportant, but other are really major and can change our whole life.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of tourism

The tourists can go to warm countries, they can sunbathe and swim in clear water. However there is, I think, the only disadvantage that it is very expensive and not everybody can afford it.

CHURCH of the BRETHREN, Brethren German Baptist

Brumbaugh, History of the German Baptist Brethren in Europe and America, Elgin 1899, Lo 19072; J.


Rel. wspólnota powstała 1895 w Stanach Zjedn. w obrębie Kościoła metodystycznego (metodyści), głosząca konieczność wewn. uświęcenia (-> Holiness Church lub ruch uświęcenie).

Wspólnota nawiązuje do doktryny J. Wesleya i działalności pastora metodystów Phineasa Bresee, który w Los Angeles utworzył...

COMMON PRAYER BOOK, Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, according to the Use of the Church of England

, Go 1929; Liturgy and Worship, Lo 1932, 19477; EX. Jasper, The Gospel and the Sacraments. Booty, Church and Commonwealth in the Reign of Edward VI, ATR 7(1976) 67-79.

GORMOGONI, Ancient Noble Order of the Gormogons

Stow, masońskie (—» masoneria) istniejące oficjalnie1724-38 w Londynie.

Założycielem g. był chin. mandarynHan Chi, który z przedstawicieli arystokracji utworzył ekskluzywnestow, o strukturze parazakonnej (wg G. Klossa założycielemg. miai być A n d r ew Michael Ramsay, zm. 1743, którypod wpływem jezuitów...

GRAAL, Ladies of the Grail, Panie od Św. Graala

Żeńskiinstytut świecki, wywodzący się z międzynar. ruchu Św.—» Graala (1), zał. 1921 przez Jacobusa van Ginneken SJ wHaarlemie (Holandia).

Na zaproszenie abpa Westminsteru Francisa Bourne (1861-1935) członkinie ruchu przybyły 1932do Anglii; II wojna świat, spowodowała ich uniezależnieniesię od domu...

The IMF and its criticism - does the IMF need a reform?

The Fund assumes that after the eradication of these problems and return to economic and financial stability of the country will be able to repay borrowed funds, which will subsequently be made available to members of another organization.

“Many believe that environment degradation of the planet is the most seriously crisis now facing human kind. What do you think? Should business and industry be concerned about “green issues”?

Unfortunately only few people understand that an integral part of it and need to protect to want exist. Human race and big company is so powerful that destroy live and also by irreversible damages made to the environment.

Comparison of the navigational rights of foreign vessels in the EEZ with that of the high seas

But the coastal state is not competent to control and enforce for violations in the contiguous zone Summing up my compare we can say that in EEZ and High Seas foreign vessels have a full right to sail and stop on the sea for a longer time, and it couldn?