Life's on the Line

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Buddha and his life – speech

He reportedly sat down one evening and determined not to rise until he had reached nirvana. Buddha was one of the greatest human beings, a man of noble character, penetrating vision, warm compassion, and profound thought.

Differences between urban and rural life

Later the scene is repeated, however now the couple goes through the street unharmed, as if they were immune to the threats of the city. At the beginning of the film we are confronted with a rather unpleasant image of the country - some forgotten marshes, foggy night; these are all unattractive pictures.

Englishman's everyday life (speech)

She used to do it in the supermarket where everything was cheaper and at one place. When the weather was nice they use to take their children to the public gardens to play mini-golf or other family games or they went to the beach.

Is life on earth in danger?

It's important if we want heal our planet. Maybe I'm too optimistic, but from my point of view, nowadays things are going in the right direction.


The most important matter is the impact that music everybody can listen. After all day of work or school we are going home, we turn on the music player and we listen.

Describe how major life events can influence the development of the individual.

But not every one is happy and exiting about going to school. For someone people it is a new way, different way to be happy and start a new life alone or with some one else.

Money makes our life difficult

The more money one has the higher on the social ladder he is situated. Of course not every one is honest. It shapes our view on the world around us and affects us so strongly that we are able to reveal the most immoral and evil features of our character only to get it.

Jobs and life styles

They often don’t go to the theatres and cinemas, they spend all their free time at home. Many young people in Poland profit from such jobs – they go abroad for some weeks or months and earn money and after it they go somewhere to rest.

Music in my life

I think that organising discos in my school is a very good idea, because it is one of the few kinds of amusement for teenagers in my town. Madonna, for example, is one of the most famous persons in the world and people think that she’s the symbol of sex - many men admire her body and nice voice.

Career or a family life

When people are very young and have good qualifications, ambitions, they often want to be successful in their jobs, they want to earn much money and get promoted more frequently.

How would our life look like without commercials?

The twentieth century has made television a very popular form of entertainment ,and no one can imagine life without this little home cinema. In defiance of bad voices about television I think its important in our life.

Which people do you know who work in old bureaucratic way? Which people seem to be moving ahead with fresh thinking? In what ways do you see yourself as a possible leader in your work life? How do you relate to change? Are you threatened by it or does it

The second area to question is closely related to the first one. My goal and dream is to have a small hotel and in the mean time work in my parents company, to achieve that I have to focus on my strategic plans and be flexible.

Life in future

Nobody knows what kind of future is going to be. Moreover, children will not be going to school, because everybody will have a computer bought and then pupils will studying by the Internet.

Life in year 2050

Everything will by environmentally friendly, that means if you crashed your car, the machines would do a new one from the wrack of yours without loosing the materials.

My concept of successful life

Life that we live is the most important gift we have ever received. At my age the image of real life is rather faint.

"My Life Closed Twice Before Its Close" - poem and thoughts on

Emily Dickinson "My life closed twice before its close" My life closed twice before its close It yet remains to see If immortality unveil A third event to me So huge, so hopeless to conceive As these that twice befell Parting is all we know of heaven And all we need of hell Thoughts on "My Life Closed Twice Before Its Close" Emily Dickinson This is one of the best poems that I have ever read.

The role of television in your life

It's good because you could see it without going out. Besides you watch it from all directions and if you're on a stadium you've got only "one point of view". Television is one of the best ways to spend our leisure time or to relax.

Is it important to divide duties on set rules concerning everyday life in the family?

I think that is very important to divide duties. When only one person cleans all house is more tired and it takes more time.

The trip of my life

The trip of my life was the one to the Tatras. Early in the mornings we got up, had breakfast and went to Zakopane by bus.

HUMAN LIFE INTERNATIONAL (HLI), Międzynarodowa Obrona Życia

Z ruchu tego 1981 wyłoniła się międzynar. organizacja, mająca siedzibę w Gaithersburgu (stan Maryland),gdzie od 1987 wydawany jest mies.