Life for Rent

Life for Rent

Czytaj Dalej

Ask not what country can do for you, ask waht you can do for your country - a good citizenship value

For me actions of a good citizen include protection of the country, education and community service. One might learn from some good examples to effect changes for the better. Some help members of the community for reasons other than personal gain.

Buddha and his life – speech

He then came upon a mendicant monk, calm and serene, whereupon he determined to adopt his way of life and forsake family, wealth, and power in the quest for truth.

Differences between urban and rural life

However, soon after he realises his mistake, he asks his wife for forgiveness. The City is now shown as a playground for the couple. It may seem surprising, after all, the country has been for ages the quintessence of all that is pure and innocent.

Englishman's everyday life (speech)

At 12 noon, the English have an hour-long break for lunch, which they used to spend in the nearest café.

Factors, that are important for me in my choice of a job

I'd love to do my best for long hours, but I will expect a good pay for that. For example by taking part in training programs paid by the company.

In the play by William Shakespeare ''Macbeth'' is it Macbeth who is to blame for King Duncan's Death?

He wishes for a normal life for which he would have lived to a honourable age but he recognises that he has denied himself of this. I think, that Lady Macbeth is more to blame for his death, because if it was not for her, maybe preliminarily good and honest soldier Macbeth would never have courage to go on with the plan.

Is life on earth in danger?

Human is quite a strange creature. Although as a species he had appeared on earth not long ago, he was just a step to complete destruction of himself and his planet.

He claims to be the most intelligent amongst animals. But what animal attempts to destroy its own environment.

Within the last 200 years man was...

Life in year 2050

the free genetically engineered, but healthy food for everyone. Doctors would have a cue for every sickness.

Money makes our life difficult

It gives them sense of fulfilment and security for future. There would certainly be someone for whom temptation of becoming rich in illegal and risky way is too powerful to reject.

My concept of successful life

This topic forced me to think of my concept for successful living. I believe that my future life will not be a race for higher salary and hope to find lucky future.

My hopes and fears for the future with the approach of new era mankind

I hope and pray for transformation in the way which people become more and more connected to Nature, they will expand the Rainforests, stop using so much petroleum and take care of animals. Unfortunately new illnesses will probably surface, but maybe we will develop a cure for ageing.

"My Life Closed Twice Before Its Close" - poem and thoughts on

Maybe she had fallen in love and believed that her love was immortal and that it would last forever, then she lost it. Only fortune can decide if our life is to be happy, or one big defeat.

My plans for the future

Please don't think that it is so important for me. For example I was in France and England. This is all about my plans for the future.


Sometimes when we are depressed music is very helpful for us. I don`t know what kind of music will be listen by me for twenty years, maybe it will be some kind of music from some other civilisation.

The role of television in your life

I dream about movies with subtitles on polish TV but in my opinion it is only utopia- There are also many other things that make TV special, like weather forecasts, competitions, talk-shows etc.

The young people nowadays think that the money is all and when they grow up, they find that out for certain

They are trying to be the brakes for people , who , rushing to the wealth , have lost the real meaning of life ; for those , who have forgotten that , except for money , there are also : national culture and history , the literature , the art , the feelings , the beauty and dreams.


Forget about the traffic, the crowds, the uggly battles for sold - out items -now by pushing buttons on your computer you can make your virtual -shopping basket full within 10 minutes!

What do you think of AIDS victims begging for money to live on?

What's more begging for money is the only one way to survive.

Would you like to be an explorer a writer? What would you have to do to become one? If you wanted to be a writer, where would you look for inspiration?

To sum up, I might say that if I were a writer, I would look for inspiration in history, culture and other books.