Would you like to be on a desert island?

Many people would like to be on a desert island. But this not for me. I wouldn’t like to be on the desert island. I couldn’t live there because I like staying with people and there this is impassible. I like traveling. And if I was on a desert island I couldn’t do this. There I shouldn’t leave my family, friends...

What are the examples of superstitions? Are you superstitious?

When we see chimney sweep we will have good luck but we have to grab button and we may let it go if we see man with glasses If you put up an umbrella at home while you are going out, you will have bad luck.

Is it important to divide duties on set rules concerning everyday life in the family?

I think that is very important to divide duties. When only one person cleans all house is more tired and it takes more time. It’s cause conflicts in family. So it is more fear. For example: Woman cooks and washes. Man does the vacuuming and cleans a car, sometimes he also repairs broken things at home. Children...

Are you in favour of capital punishment?

There is a national debate whether capital punishment be abolished in our country. From the ethical point of view capital punishment is inhumane. It is so because a judge, an executioner and all the other people directly or indirectly involved in bringing about a verdict often have doubts as to whether they did he...

What would you do if you won 1000000 $?

First of all I would be very, very happy. Probably I couldn’t belive my eyes. But later I would sit and think for a while. I’d put money in bank. Later I would go for a wonderfull trip around the world. Perhaps I’d move to another country. Then I’d buy a house myself in some nice place like mountains or seaside and...

The best book you have read

Books have been very important for me since the day I could read. Among the books I have read one book has a particular meaning for me. This is „Dances with the wolves” by Michael Blake. There are lots of arguments why I would like to recommend this book to read. Firstly, one of the most important things is that...

What do you do to stay healthy?

We often ask ourselves if our life style is healthy. It seems that the most important things to be in good condition are good diet and vigarous exercise. We should eat a lot of fruit and vegetables because they contain vitamines and minerals which are good for our health. We should avoid fat – buildings sweets...

The best film you've seen

Boss – Dan Truman, played by Billy Thomton, thinks, that mission of space shuttle, which participants will land on the meteor, will drill holes and will place there nuclear change, will be one of possible sollutions.

What are you afraid of?

I afraid about my future what I will do after my high school.

The trip of my life

I will never forget that trip.

If you were to leave Poland where would you choose to live and why?

If I had a choice I would go to the USA. It’s because it’s very interesting country, very big and beautiful. It has a great deal of opportunities. It is the country, where everybody can make his dreams true. People who live there are happy. They have job and they can afford anything. They have wonderfull houses and...

The worst/most memorable experience you've had?

I’m sure the worst experience I had was my leg broken. It happend two years ago. I fell from a big tree. I remember terrible pain I felt. I used to hurt for about five weeks. I couldn’t walk, take a bath and go to school alone. I had to stay at home and sit all the time. I was so bored that I didn’t know what to...

HUMAN LIFE INTERNATIONAL (HLI), Międzynarodowa Obrona Życia

Organizacja walcząca w obronie dziecinienarodzonych, zat. 1981 w Stanach Zjedn., posiadająca filiew 30 krajach, m.in. w Polsce.

Ruch obrony życia nienarodzonych wobec współcz. zagrożeńzainicjował Paul Marx OSB, socjolog amer., który od1959 odwiedził ok. 80 krajów świata (m.in. 1987 Polskę)...

„We can hazard a tentative conclusion: The child’s later adjustment will be primarily determined by the quality of the relationship with the caretakers, not by the experience of separation.”

„We can hazard a tentative conclusion: The child`s later adjustment will be primarily determined by the quality of the relationship with the new caretakers, not by the experiance of separation.

BTLS (Basic Trauma Life Suport)

BTLS (z ang. Basic Trauma Life Suport), to w prostym tłumaczeniu szybkie badanie urazowe. Czynności zawarte w tym elastycznym szkielecie postępowania mają na celu szybkie wykrycie urazów zagrażających życiu poszkodowanej osoby. Sformułowanie elastycznym szkielecie ma na celu uzmysłowienie, że nie jest to badanie, które należy przeprowadzić punk po punkcie, kiedy na pierwszy rzut oka widoczne są priorytetowe urazy, które wymagają natychmiastowego, pierwszorzędowego ...

Young children shouldn't watch so much television. Do you agree?

Recent statistics show that seven-year-old children have spent more than one year on watching television. The grim fact is that they more and more often prefer television to other forms of entertainment, even meeting their friends. Psychologists warn that it can be harmful to their mental development. Maybe it's worth wondering whether this statement is really justified. Should young children watch so much TV or not? First of all, television is usually one of the first media which children ...

Tell about the place you would like to go

No matter which part of the year you will choose for your trip to Egypt, you can easily get tanned there.

Alcoholics and drug addicts should be separated from the society.Do you agree?

That is why they need help, because when addicted person sees that his family loves him and he is a special and important for them he will feel better.