Life Makes Sense If You're Famous

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Would you like to be an explorer a writer? What would you have to do to become one? If you wanted to be a writer, where would you look for inspiration?

The choice could be better, but I think - to be a writer - is more interesting and exciting. Someone might be suprised: " In what way to be a writer is more exciting than being an explorer ?" Well, I'll prove it. Work of explorer is boring and not satisfying because to find something really interesting and valuable...

If you had a choice to visit any English speaking country where would you like to go, and why?

I think that everyone would like to go somewhere. Personally I always wanted to go to the USA, exacly to New York, because my grandmother told me that there is our family I would like to visit the States. This country is located in the west hemisphere. People there have great opportunites to develop their...

„Most people think that being famous is heaven, but in fact it's more like hell.” What do you think?

„Most people think that being famous is heaven, but in fact it's more like hell.” What do you think? Many people dream about being famous. They would do everything to appear on TV, radio or Internet. They want to be admired and loved by fans. The media show rich and beautiful stars and it is believed that their life is full of hapiness and love. Although it seems to be true, there are many disadvantages of being famous. Despite the fact of being vain they simply want to be rich. And ...

Buddha and his life – speech

I would like to tell interesting story about Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, and his life. He was born in the Lumbini park near Kapilavastu. The name Gautama Buddha by which the historical Buddha is known is a combination of his family name Gautama (his first name was Sidharta) and the epithet Buddha, meaning...

Differences between urban and rural life

Topic: drawing from either Sunrise or It Happened One Night, please discuss the film's presentation of the differences between urban and rural life.

The vast majority of the most original, most remembered silent American movies were made by Europeans, who came to Hollywood being already famous in their own...

The role of television in your life

The television matters a lot in my life. I spend many hours in front of my TV. I know that it isn't healthy activity, but I am addicted. I watch everything what is worth seeing, but sometimes I only change the channels all the time-

I like watching news. Especially "Fakty", "Wiadomości" i "Teleexpress". Every...

The Sixth Sense (opis filmu)

Malcolm Crowe Bruce Willis

Cole Sear Haley Joel Osment

Lynn Sear Toni Collette

Anna Crowe Olivia Williams

Tommy Tammisimo Trevor Morgan

Vincent Gray Donnie Wahlberg

Kyra Collins Mischa Barton

Stanley Cunningham Bruce Norris

Sean Glenn Fitzgerald

At the beginning of the film Dr. Malcolm Crowe...

What do you think of sport?

What is my favourite sport? I've been asked about this throughout all my hitherto life. And the answer wasn't always so plain and univocal.

During my life I've been practicing many kinds of sport activities. Most of them were just ways of spending leisure time, but some, like (here you can insert whatever you...

Music in my life







rebel against – buntują się przeciwko

fashion - moda

amusement - rozrywka

conviction - przekonanie

habit - zwyczaj

willingly - chętnie

youth - młodość

irritate - denerwować

mood - humor

depends on - zależy od

benefits – korzyści

wonder – zastanawiać się

Life in Poland after the European Union accession

Poland has been a member of the European Union since May 2004. Both President Kwaśniewski and the government supported this cause. The only party opposed to EU entry was the populist right-wing League of Polish Families. Poles wanted to be in European Union and during the Referendum Outcome majority of Poles went to the polls and voted ?yes?. In our country there was a discussion about advantages and disadvantages of our accession to the EU. In my opinion there is more merits than defects ...

Describe how major life events can influence the development of the individual.

Describe how major life events can influence the development of the individual. There are many life changes which influence on peoples life individually. Each individual changes will experience differently. Changes like, starting school, leaving home or losing job may affect our health and well being. Some of the events have positive influence on us but some of them may be stressful and depressed for some people. Some people might be able to able to cope with these changes very ease.

Life and writings of Joanne Rowling

I love Rowling because, although she is a mature woman, she still can play with her imagination. She is multimillionaire but she still behaves like she was still not well-off crazy girl. And, most importantly ? I love Harry Potter ?s unexpected course of the events and the Rowling?s style of writing. Joanne Rowling born on 31 July 1965, is a British author, best known as the creator of the Harry Potter fantasy series. Aside from writing the Potter novels, Rowling is equally famous for her ...