Kirchdorf an der Iller

Kirchdorf an der Iller

Czytaj Dalej

MARBURG an der Lahn

Miasto nad rzeką Lahn, dopływem Renu, w Hesji (RFN), wymienione po raz pierwszy w 1138.

Artykuły marburskie tezy przedstawione przez Marcina Lutra w czasie dysputy religijnej na zamku marburskim 1-3 X l 529 między Lutrem, Zwinglim i Melanchtonem, które posłużyły za podstawę augsburskiego (zob.) wyznania...

DYLINGA, Dillingen an der Donau (RFN)

Specht, Geschichte der ehemaligen Universität D„ Fr 1902; T. Layer, Geschichte der Stadt D. an der Donau, Dillingen 1961.

FRANKFURT nad ODRĄ, Frankfurt an der Oder

St 1939, I 533-537; Evangelisches Pfarrerbuch für die Mark Brandenburg seit der Reformation, B 1941, I 227-237; Festschrift zur 700-Jahrfeier der Stadt F. , Frankfurtan der Oder 1953; W.

An essay about this and that

I have a very eccentric neighbour. He is really strange. He used to be an employee at a data processing department but then they sacked him. The main reason was his hobby - phisics. He is a sciencist and makes lots of researches so sometimes he doesn't leave his house for a couple of days. Very often he was absent...


In my opinion an ideal school is a place friendly for students and teachers. Teachers are nice for pupils and inverse. Here every peoples are indulgent for self. In one word every are nice to every. Classes count up to twenty persons - about ten boys and ten girls. In ideal school can't out of place for invalids. I...

An ideal teacher

Learning is not just about acquiring study techniques or mastering rote memorization skills, but rather about developing an understanding and appreciation for the subject material being studied and deriving practical applications.

An unexpecting evening

It was a warm and starry night. I was making some tea for us as usual. We were alone in a big house with no TV, no telephone and no electricity. I heard only fireplace but suddenly Mike said: "Dorothy, I think you should stop making it and come here for a while!" I was afraid. I thought nothing could disturb our...

Formal letter to foreign company consisting of an export offer

An export offer of dental tools and equipment

Dear Someone Who Takes Care Of Distribution ,

We would like to introduce our firm mainly specialized in producing and dealing in dental equipment and various tools which are undoubtedly useful in dental treatment . We opened up our factory in 1774 and since that...

How to write a about myself. An example

I don't feel scarred when I see a mouse, snake or any other animal and when I come across a spider I think: "Why is it not a mouse?

If you could give an Oscar Award who would you give it to and why (Polish film or actor or director) – speech

If I could give an Oscar Award, I would give it to one of the best Polish comedies - "I don't like Monday" (in Polish: "Nie lubię poniedziałku"). It had its premiere on 27th of August 1971. And since then it has become very popular.

It takes 98 minutes to watch this film. It was directed by Tadeusz Chmielewski...

What are advantages and disadvantages of being an only child

Do you have a brother or sister? Are you an only child?

There are many advantages and disadvantages of having siblings.

One of the main disadvantages of having a brother or sister is that your childhood is very lonely as you don't have anyone to play with. Moreover, your parents pay you more attention and you...

Would you like to be an explorer a writer? What would you have to do to become one? If you wanted to be a writer, where would you look for inspiration?

The choice could be better, but I think - to be a writer - is more interesting and exciting. Someone might be suprised: " In what way to be a writer is more exciting than being an explorer ?" Well, I'll prove it. Work of explorer is boring and not satisfying because to find something really interesting and valuable...

Is it easier to be a teenager or an adult

I think right is saying „young children – small problems, old childrens – big problems”. It is easier to be teenager. Why? Because of in most cases teenager are under parent’s care. Parents earn money for their children, they’ve buying them food, clothes, gives them place for living – home, they are more...

Das war der Tag, den ich nie vergessen

Die zweite Prufung auf der Stadt hat um 11 Uhr angefangen. Das war der Tag, den ich nie vergessen.

Der Stoffwechsel

Eine strenge Trennung von Betriebsstoffwechsel (der sich mit dem Umsatz der Nahrungsstoffe zur Betriebserhaltung beschäftigt) und dem Baustoffwechsel (der sich mit der Synthese der Baustoffe des Körpers befasst) ist deshalb nicht möglich.

Die Ursachen der Konflikte

Weltkrieg aus und es began das Masaker der Juden. Napster ist ein Komputerprogramm, der es ermöglicht, dass die Internet Benutzer sich gegenseitig mit Musik austauschen können.

Wie lief der Zeugnistag bei dir ab?

Bei mir war der Zeugnistag immer gut. Der schlechteste Zeugnistag war in dem letzten Jahr: Ich habe das Abitur als der Beste in meiner Klasse bestanden und meine Eltern wurden zur Schule eingeladen.

Auf der Post – dialogi

+ Draussen vor der Post sind Briefkasten und Telefonzellen. + Die Vorwahl nach Polen ist 00-48,danach wählen Sie die Nummer der Stadt.


Dawn. rocznica; nabożeństwo żałobne w rocznicę śmierci; z łac. anniversarius 'doroczny'.


(wym. rajter) nm., 'Błękitny Jeździec', awangardowe ugrupowanie artystyczne działające w Monachium w 1911 -14, które przyjęło nazwę od obrazu Wassila Kandinsky'ego; utworzone z jego inicjatywy oraz Franza Marca i Alfreda Kubina, którzy w proteście przeciw orzeczeniom jury odłączyli się od stowarzyszenia...