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Three generations under the same roof. What conflicts occur in this kind of family?

The living in the same roof with your parents and grandfather or grandmother (or both of them ) is very interesting and instructive, but disturb too. But we have some positive parts of living with your grandparents under the same roof too.

Men and women should be allowed to do the same jobs. What do you think?

Nowadays there are jobs that either man an woman should be allowed to do. I know men who like helping clean up, wash up, cook bring up the children. I think that today there are more and more man who can do many things in the house. Women shouldn`t do this all days. We must remember that women can also do many...

Spór o to, czym są rzeczy same w sobie

Przy pierwszej interpretacji metafizyka, czyli koncepcja bytu samego w sobie, byłaby niemożliwa, gdyż byt sam w sobie jest niepoznawalny – poznanie ma wszak charakter czynny.

Różne oblicza konsumpcji - „Takie same lub inne” w kontekście homogenizacji i heterogenizacji konsumpcji

Z tych samych dóbr mogą dziś korzystać zarówno osoby młode jak  i starsze, nie powodując tym samym rozbudzenia dysonansu poznawczego, spowodowanego tym, że konsumują rzeczy przeznaczone dla innej grupy odbiorców.

A cat in the rain - Ernest Hemingway

For many, the two are one in the same.

A letter to the exchange agency

Dear Mr and Mrs Williams,

I am writing to ask for information about exchange visits arranged by Your organisation. I read Your advertisement in Polyglot magazine and I would be very grateful, if You could send me further informations about Linguapal.

I am a seventeen-year-old girl from Poland. I live in...

Advantages and disadvantages of living in the country

Living in the country has both pros and cons. One advantage is that there are not many cars. There's no traffic, no noise, air is no polluted. What is more, if you want to relax, you can go to a forest, sit under a tree and breath with fresh air, which is generally clean in the coutry. You know everybody, you say...

AIDS - the terrible disease of present days

One cannot get it by working with someone who's got it, or by going to the same school, or by touching objects belonging to an infected person.

AIDS - the problem of contemporary word

The truth is that it's not possible to get infected by touch, kiss or using the same bathtub.

Alaska - one of the most beautiful states

Alaska has only about 10000 miles of road - not much, especially for a state its size The Alaska Highway links Alaska to the other states through Canada. Traveling on the Alaska's road used to be very rough. Now, however, the road is fully paved and has gas stations every 50 miles. In southeast and South Central...

"Araby" and "A Sunrise On The Veld"

same feeling, however he was falling in love with a girl.

British government since the 1800s

Since the end of 18th century in 50 years Britain became the greatest industrial power of Europe. The country had enough coal, iron and steel to build the industry and even to export them to Europe. Heavy industrial machines were made, and also daily goods as cotton and woollen cloth was produced and sold; British...

English - your passport to the future

I think English is my passport to the future. You can ask why? It's easy. I would like to live in the USA, find a good job and have a lot of money. But if I want to have a good work my English have to be almost perfect. I kneed to know grammar and a lot of vocabulary. Everywhere you go the first questions are "do...

Euro - the official currency of the EU

On 1 January 1999, 00.00 a.m., the euro became the official currency of 11 Member States of the European Union with a fixed conversion rate against their national currencies. From now on, the value of the euro against the dollar and all other currencies, including those of the four Member States staying out of the...

How and from where do you find out about the world?

In our daily life we always have contact with information - all kind of information. We are almost flooded by information. On every step we have served news. No matter how, it can be through a radio, TV, newspaper or even through the Internet. Journalists search out new sensational events. They fight for client...

How does the pollution?

Pollution is the result of contamination of air, water or soil due to materials that interfere with human health, the quality of life or the natural functioning of ecosystems. The pollution in our age is mainly caused by the increase of civilization as well as by industrializing in more and more countries.


How would you go about preserving the forests in your country?

Each year, millions of hectares of forest are damaged or destroyed by fire, insects and diseases. In Poland especially in the seventies there was noticed an excessive exploitation of forests.

That is why the present generation has to preserve the environment in order to leave it usable in the future. Most...

I am in the perfect shape

Technological invasion has made our lives easier but at the same time we have become lazy.

In the play by William Shakespeare ''Macbeth'' is it Macbeth who is to blame for King Duncan's Death?

She urges Macbeth to kill Duncan for the same reason: to prove to herself that she possesses the cruelty to do it.

Influence of media on the society

But they all have the same purpose to convience us to buy, to want more.