Gap year

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Life in year 2050

How you think life will have changed by the year 2050?

I think life would be a much easier. The machines will be doing most of dangerous, and hard work. Our life would be full of pleasures e.g. the free genetically engineered, but healthy food for everyone.

The work wouldn't be the style of life because of if...

Generation gap

Generation gap is a very common phenomenon in our life. There are many reasons for generation gap.

Na czym polega luka informacyjna (information gap)?

Luka ta powstaje pomiędzy ilością informacji pożądanych a dostępnych. Oznaczają informacje pożądane, aczkolwiek niedostępne. Luka powiększa się wraz ze wzrostem złożoności problemu i ilości informacji.

GAP, Vappincum

, Gap 1909; G. , Gap 1967; T.

What can be done about cheating in Poland ? - Analitic Essay, 3rd year

Maciej Kaleciński Academic Writing, IIIA Analytic Essay May 26, 2007 To: Dr. Sean Hartigan Can anything be done about the problem of cheating in Polish schools? There is no doubt that the problem of cheating at schools in Poland is very common. That is probably due to our historical background and the fact that no one really ever does anything about it. According to the survey that was conducted on a large group of people from various cities in Poland and coming from different ...

The gap between generations ceases do exist.

Within the space of hundreds of years there has always been a gap between a young and an old generation.

My favourite season of the year

My favourite season of year is winter. It is begun on 22 Dezember and lasts for 22 January. Long and rainy autumn always drives me mad especially being spent in my home because it is unpleasantly and bloomy. I am always waiting for first petals of snow. Winter, in my opinion, characterises walking in the snowy forest, smell of people euphoria, frosty air and snowboarding . All of these factors create an unrepeatable climate of the period.Winter is said to be one of the most fantastic ...

What kind of life can we expect in year 2050?

The year is 2050 You are lying in your bed, watching TV. All at once your stomach starts rumbling, you choose your favourite dish, press one of the buttons and in a few moments it is brought to you by a remote-controlled robot. Let's look at somee other possible changes in a few important areas starting with food. Not long ago microwave ovens appeared in our kitchens and completely changed the way we cook. What will the next step bbe? It is highly possible that by the year 2050 we won't need ...