Career or a family life

When people are very young and have good qualifications, ambitions, they often want to be successful in their jobs, they want to earn much money and get promoted more frequently. A lot of them don’t have enough time to meet someone special and to meet his/her family. They often don’t remember about mothers and...

Jean Berthier, Founder of the Missionaries of the Holy Family (MSF)

Jean Berthier, Founder of the Missionaries of the Holy Family (MSF) 1. "Looking at Holy Family, we should form our own families and ourselves to have their thoughts, feelings and heart. We shall be able to judge people, events and things the way they did." 2. "Reminders, remarks or reprimands do not sanctify us but that we ought to be true imitators of the Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Imitation by getting to know the Holy Family through reading Sacred Scripture joined with prayer. It is prayer ...

Violence in family

Violence among family members is increasingly recognized as a major familiar and public health problem affecting the mental and physical health of the victim, of the perpetrator, and all of the other family members. Often violence includes women and children, but men can be victims of family violence as well. There are many types of abuse f.ex: physical abuse, sexual, emotional, economic or spiritual abuse. In my opinion all of them are very dangerous, but the worst is physical one I ...

Family Dinner

“Family Dinner” We all know that what and how we eat is very important. In my family, dinner, as the main meal, is a tradition, especially on Sunday. This day, free from work, is the best time to meet the whole family. I live only with my parents. My sister is married and lives with her husband in Bilgoraj. My brother is also married and lives with his wife in Lublin. So I, my mother and my father can't meet them during the week and talk to them. I have a grandfather too. He lives ...

My family







vigorous - żywiołowy, energiczny


rely on - polegać na

glad - zadowolony

kindergarten – przedszkole

graduation – ukończenie studiów

tutelary – opiekuńcza

keen on – jest zafascynowany

conversational - rozmowny

be indebted - zawdzięczać

The strangest family

The strangest family... Hmm, maybe it will sound a little bit crazy but my family behave sometimes very strange and it obviously scares me! Perhaps it seems to be normal, but generally we have lots of wired habits.

We're not one of those patalogical families, because noone harms any other member of my family. Oh...

What do you think about a regular family?

In everybody's life childhood is if a special importance. It is said that childhood should suffice for the whole life. It is obvious that a happy child needs love and harmony in its family. However, not only children draw profit from a regular and complete family, but also women and men, mothers and fathers.


A letter to a host family in USA

Dear Father and Mother of a Host Family

The posibility of spending 10 months with You is a true pleasure for me. Let me introduce myself. I come from a medium-size town Zawiercie. For the last year I have been living in a capital city Warsaw but I have been living for some time in Katowice and Kołobrzeg too...

Is it important to divide duties on set rules concerning everyday life in the family?

I think that is very important to divide duties. When only one person cleans all house is more tired and it takes more time. It’s cause conflicts in family. So it is more fear. For example: Woman cooks and washes. Man does the vacuuming and cleans a car, sometimes he also repairs broken things at home. Children...

A letter from parents to a host family in USA

Dear Sirs,

We are very glad that you will undertake to take care on our son Adam while he is in the United States on a 10 month CET program. We are convinced that he will make no difficulties to you. We believe that you will do your best and will lavish attention on him, particularly at the beginning of his stay...

Three generations under the same roof. What conflicts occur in this kind of family?

In the beginning I would like to sort my reflection in two parts:-In first part I will show the negative parts of living in that kind of family. -In second part I will show the positive parts. I'll show the examples from my own and my friends live too.

Let's start!

The living in the same roof with your parents...

School plays more important role than the family in shaping one's personality. Discuss.

School is the place where one spends considerable amount of life. It accompanies people from their childhood, up to adult years. Therefore, it strongly influences the development of one's personality. It may be said that the impact of school is much more significant than the family, but this thesis is not clearly obvious. One point in favour of that statement is that children spend even eight hours a day in school. If we subtract the time spent on sleeping, We realize that they spent more ...

FAMILIANIE, familiści, Family of Love, Huis der Liefde, familia caritatis

Pseudomistyczno-panteistyczna sekta zainicjowana1540 w Emden (pn.-zach. RFN) przez kupcaHeinricha Niclaesa, propagująca —» antynomizm ( I ) .

Dla szerzenia swych poglądów Niclaes odbywał podróże doHolandii, Flandrii, Francji i Anglii; wyznanie wiary opracował1575; na podstawie przypisywanego sobie...

Descrption of a family member. (200-250 words)

The earliest memories of my uncle date back my childhood. He always was an expected guest and the one who made me aware of my future passion - music. This plump, balding man in his forties doesn’t resemble a professor or choir manager. His often unshaven face hides mysterious eyes and tight mouth. As regards to uncle’s clothes, they leave a lot to be desired. However, during the concerts he looks delightfully – suddenly slimmer, more handsome… He shows great expression and ...