Face lifting

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En face, en pied, en trois quarts

Określenia sposobupokazania postaci w stosunku do patrzącego; enface - na wprost; en pied - w całej postaci; en trois quarts- w trzech czwartych (zwrot), (franc.)

Lift (a lifting?)

1 Pojęcie Liftu i Liftingu Cytując za Słownikiem Wyrazów Obcych; lifting oznacza zabieg chirurgiczno-kosmetyczny polegający na naciąganiu skóry twarzy i szyi w celu zlikwidowania zmarszczek . Słowo lifting pochodzi z języka angielskiego.

Your face could be your fortune!

Nowadays you can easily earn a lot of money showing your face or body in advertisements and commercials. If you have nice appearance, you can try to go to some castings. If the jury chooses precisely you, you have got a big chance of entering the enormous world of models. Then fame and money will come to you very quickly. Your future mostly depends on you. So you can plan it in the way you would like to live. If you want to be famous you must invest in yourself. Showing your face in ...