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EU agreements (culture)

European Union takes into account various aspects of activity, from economics and trade to health and culture. More of the areas are properly regulated by special law. The situation was different in case of culture. Although cultural aspects were taken into account in other EU actions, there was no specific cultural policy. The main change appeared when the Maastricht Treaty was introduced on 1 November 1993. It allows the European Union to organize cultural activities. Its aim is to ...

High culture and pop culture

CULTURE generally refers to patterns of human activity and the symbolic structures that give such activities significance and importance. It includes codes of manners, dress, language and religion. Culture is manifested in music, literature, lifestyle, food, painting and sculpture, theater and film. Although some scholars identify culture in terms of consumption and consumer goods as in high culture, low culture. In practice, culture refers to elite activities such as museum-caliber art and ...

American culture

AMERICAN CULTURE HAS HAD A VERY NEGATIVE GLOBAL IMPACT AS IT ENCOURAGES IMMORALITY AND DISRESPECT FOR THOSE IN AUTHORITY. Poland year 2000, two teenagers killed their friend because they had seen a scene of murder in an American film and they wanted to feel like real killers. Cruel reality has made such behavior ordinary and non-shocking. The greatest part of everyday evil comes from American culture. Being violent, pretending to be somebody else and rebelling against authorities are ...

Qu’est-ce qui vous attire particulièrement dans la culture franaise ?

La culture fr. est tellement vaste et riche qu’il est bien difficile de prsenter tout c’est qui m’y attire. Je vais essayer de garder un certain ordre chronologique d’après le valeurs intelectuels et historiques. -bien sur c’est qui me fascine le plus c’est la ville de Paris. Il est la ville lumière, le coeur et le cerveau de la France. Elle possède d’admirables monuments, souvenirs d’un long pass glorieux. C’est une ville qui a des parcs et des jardins magnifiques, ses ...

TV culture


cartoon – kreskówka

documentary film – film dokumentalny

game show – teleturniej

soap opera – tasiemiec

lifestyle show –

detective series – serial detektywistyczny

sitcom – serial komediowy

broadcast – nadawać

screen – ekran

remote control – pilot

video recorder –

aerial – antena

viewers –...

A question a culture

Poland is a country which lies in Europe. Our neighbours are: German, Russia, Czech. But there are many, many countries on the world. And in these countries are other traditions and customs.

In my country in Poland people aren't too happy and friendly. This is my opinion. We don't say "hello" in shops and on the...