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Would you pay more 4 things produces in an environmental-friendly manner? If so, how much more?

Autor /charlottefal Dodano /07.12.2005

I think that I would pay more for things produced in an environmental-friendly manner.

Firstly in my opinion the things which are produced in environmental-friendly way are healthier to us. Our world is changing rapidly and we have to be healthy and efficient to keep up with civilization development. Everyday we breathe in many thousands of viruses and bacteria so we have to provide our organism many full value products. The environmental-friendly products contain many vitamins.

Secondly, for example environmental-friendly clothes are more resistant than a products which were produced in normal way. For instance the natural cotton fabric is 40% more durable than a synthetic product. The natural products don?t electrify and don?t scratch in irritating way. After few washing synthetic clothes are getting stretch and sometimes they shrink, and they look tatty.

In the end, thanks to environmental-friendly products like for example antiperspirants we don?t destroy an ozone ? layer which protects us from damaging ultraviolet radiation. Deodorants are cheaper but they are one of main reason of ozone hole. I think that we should use antiperspirants because there are as effective as deodorants.

To sum up, I think that the environmental-friendly products provide us a health, elegance, and it protects us. If we have choice between environmental-friendly and not environmental-friendly products we shouldn?t spare no expense. Few zlotys more in Saturdays shopping can save mother earth.

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