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Why do people in Poland and all over the world learn English?

Autor /Florenty Dodano /11.11.2011

I learn English for seven years. When I was starting learning language I was only studding in my school. But the standard of the teaching was very low. Then, in the third year of learning I started learning private. Since that moment I was learning very well. After year I was the best in the class. And I am still now.

I think that people, who learn now English will have several benefits. They will speak and write English very well. They will be able to contact with other people from all over the world. They will be able to read newspapers, books and use computer programs written in English. They will be able to watch films, news bulletins, videos and much more spoken in English.

Many people in the world learn English. But the best way to learn English is to go to England, U.S.A. or Canada and live with family which don’t know persons mother language.

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