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White Privilage

Autor /DenoZomma Dodano /06.04.2005


Lately there is a talk about "white privilege" being taught at college. What exactly is this? "White prvilege" is that whites get preferences and special treatment based upon the color of their skin and people treat them nice becouse of their skin color. I don't think anyone should be treated good or bad based upon their race or other irrelevant chracteristics. The study that white privilege in school today, is that whites only get by because they are white. I don?t particularly see what benefit my grandfathers had. Both had to work three jobs just to get by. It is not about the skin color. Look at Oprah Winfrey. This woman takes in $80 million a year as a salary! She sure has it better than the majority of white people who have to work 40 hours just to make ends meet. It's kind of ironic today when people say 'white privilege' when blacks and Lations can have their own organizations, without fear of being called a racist. It's kind of ironic to accuse whites as a whole of having white privilege when black entertainers can get away with making racist jokes about whites and other ethnic groups, without losing their career. It's really ironic, considering the growing number of blacks that are successful in business, politics and sports. Hard work, saving your money, putting some money into a retirement account every month, is a ticket out of poverty, whatever color you are. Besides, if I as a white female do have privilege, doesn't that mean that someone gave it to me? Generally you get your priviliges and benefits from someone else. White privilege is another anti-white agenda being pushed in academia today. There are many other privileges that are more common. In this essay, I don?t want to just point out the delusion of the ?white privilege?. I?ll mostly give my refutations to this new observation, and show the other kinds of privileges:

1.GOOD LOOKING PRIVILEGE: There are privileges granted to people who are attractive looking. As kids, they are less likely to get made fun of for their looks. Good looking people get better dates, better jobs, are promoted in the company over a more experienced worker who is not so good looking, and basically, they?ll receive better social status simplybecause they are attractive looking. Good looking waitresses who are doing an average job will get a bigger tip than a not so good looking waitress that is busting her rear off. A goregeus looking girl is more likely to get a warning from a cop that pulls her over for speeding, than a girl who is average looking. Good looking people are more likely to presuadepeople, even if they have little experience for the job. Is that fair?

2. TALL PRIVILEGE: Tall guys have an easier time getting the best looking dates, good jobs and more.

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