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Which do you prefer: shopping in a large department store or in a small shop?

Autor /Maksymilian Dodano /15.11.2011

These days people have a large choice of shops. Starting from small shops, finishing in a large department store. I prefer shopping in a large department store. There is a big choice of articles. For example: You find there clothes, food, shoos and something else. Everything is in one place, in one building. You don’t have to go and look for shops with clothes or food. You don’t loose your time for this. Another cause is that there is a car park. In a department store is a security office. On every floor is bodyguard, so you feel safer. Another nice thing are small bars or cafes. When you are hungry or thirsty you can buy something to eat or drink. There are many tills, so people don’t have to wait so long to pay for a shopping. And what could be very important is air conditioning. If out the door is warm, there is cold. In this conditions doing shopping is a pleasure.

Small : atmosphere is friendly, shop asistans are polite and helpful, in the center, near us high prices,

Big : situated in the suburbs, big parking place, low prices, a wide assortment of articles, fast food, credit card, clearance sale, to stand in a long queue.

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