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When I was walking down the street

Autor /Florenty Dodano /11.11.2011

When I was walking down the street, I saw agent Smith waiting for me. Trinity was with me always ready to help me. The agent was threatening at me with his gun, but I gave him the finger. At the same time, I saw agent Jones and agent Brown running towards us. While they were running, the great Morpheus was shouting something to me from the roof. I could not hear him, so I decided to get on to the roof. When I was climbing up the wall, agent Smith shot twice, but he missed. He was furious and I saw him hitting the other two agents with his fists.

I got on to the roof and looked down. While some people were running in panic, others were trying to hide themselves. Trinity was watching the whole scene from behind the corner. Agent Smith did not want to give in. When I turned round I saw him on the roof as well ready to fight. While we were fighting, Trinity found the exit in the next building. The agent was trying to beat me, but he had no chance. I got inside him and burst him into thousands of pieces. After I had finished with agent Smith, Morpheus and I joined Trinity at the phone, which was already ringing to take us out from the Matrix.

NOTE: I am of course Neo - The ONE, if you had any doubts

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