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"What would your dream home be like?" - The article for a school magazine.

Autor /IropyipType Dodano /22.04.2007

Aren’t you sometimes bored with your dirty block of flats or terrace house which resemble plenty of other buildings in the city? I am very often and then I dream about what my ideal house would be like.

To begin with, it certainly should be located in an uninhabited area, far from the impurities, violence and all other tumult associated with city and town life. Some mountains, for instance New Zealand’s Southern Alps, would be proper.

My perfect home would be a big, two-storey manor-house surrounded by a huge garden. From the outside it’d be similar to 19th century European residences but in the inside it’d be technologically-advanced and furnished in an up-to-date style. The garden would have a pond, a brook and hundreds of plants of different species. The drive and all the paths would be paved in stone so that everything would form a magnificent whole.

In spite of the fact that the house described by me would suit many people, not many could afford it. Fortunately, as long as dreams cost nothing we can plan our idyllic homes. Maybe someday our dreams will come true…

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