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What kind of life can we expect in year 2050?

Autor /DenoZomma Dodano /13.01.2005

The year is 2050 You are lying in your bed, watching TV. All at once your stomach starts rumbling, you choose your favourite dish, press one of the buttons and in a few moments it is brought to you by a remote-controlled robot. Let's look at somee other possible changes in a few important areas starting with food. Not long ago microwave ovens appeared in our kitchens and completely changed the way we cook. What will the next step bbe? It is highly possible that by the year 2050 we won't need refrigerators and ovens. We will have just one clever machine in our kitchen repladcing all others. The machine will be connected to a public system that will provide everything we need to make every kind of food. It will be banally easy. We will just preszz a few buttons, and our machine will make food of our choice: a hamburger, fries or a coke. What's more we will not have to wash a cap of disches. The machine will take care of that, too. Doesn't it seem marvellous? The other thing-that may change a lot is work. I think in the future it will look quite differently. People if they are not replaced by robots will work mainly at homes on their computers. They will communicate with their employers by means of the internet whitch will be the main source of communication. And what about transport? It's even hard to imagine the vehicles of the future. However taking into consideration the fast development of technology such a invention as a car will hardly to be seen if not at all. It will just go down in history terrible traffics and over crowded streets will just become the things of the past. You will no longer struggle to get somewere on time or wait for a bus for an hour. Everyone will be the owner of the flying vehicle which will make it possible to get everywhere many times quickly. The new vehicle will be powered by special batteries and it will be controlled by a central computer. And who know, maybe the robots will take place of human drivers? The next years will certanly bring other suprising changes. The whole world will be mechanized. After coming back we from work or anywhere else you will not have to doing anything. The dinner or a bath of water will be waiting for you.
Will all these things really happen? Only time will tell us. By the way, I wonder it any of us will be around to see it.

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