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What is my opinion about nuclear power

Autor /Florenty Dodano /11.11.2011

Nuclear power is one of the greatest achievement of humans in XX century, but is it good to Earth or bad? I think it has good sides and bad sides.

Good side is cheap power witch lower cost of electricity for all peaple. That cheap power comes from nuclear synthesis and it's unharmful for nature if it is clean and respond-able used. Only products of nuclear synthesis are helium and lead.

Bad sides are X-rays witch are very dangerous to all life forms on Earth. When nuclear syntesis is not controlled it destroy many creatures including humans. It destroy almoust every thing around. Nuclear power could be used in war. But hopely for us only once it was used in war. On two japanesse cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Many peaple died there and many buildings were destroyed. Pollution of Earth could not be describe. Some coutries are testing nuclear bombs on deserts and on islands of New Zelland. In 1986 in Czarnobyl's nuclear plant happend accident after that polluted cloud hanged over Europe for l ong time. Peaple often suffer councer. Many kilometers around Czarnobyl nuclear plant earth is so polluted that every animal, humen or plant is polluted by X-rays. If on Earth in future nuclear war outbreak I don't give peaple many chance to survive, poor human race... But if nuclear power didn't exist there would not be sun or any other star in whole universe.

I think that peaple should get used to nuclear power, nuclear plants, nuclear bombs and X-rays. See You in another essay if you survive...

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