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What do you think of sport?

Autor /Florenty Dodano /11.11.2011

What is my favourite sport? I've been asked about this throughout all my hitherto life. And the answer wasn't always so plain and univocal.

During my life I've been practicing many kinds of sport activities. Most of them were just ways of spending leisure time, but some, like (here you can insert whatever you want) for instance, I trained in a sport association. I gave it up, because firstly, it had taken up to much time and secondly, it just wasn't a sport for me.

Up to me, sport activities should be an essential component of our life. We simply don't imagine how rapid development of technology and latest inventions affect us. Slowly do we become addicted to them, our health and muscles are turning weaker and weaker. And that's an incredible peril we don't see.

Nowadays, fair competition and joy are, what I like in today's sport. Watching, even on telly, sportsmen exhausted, but delighted, often with tears of joy on their faces gives me a real pleasure. There are no winners and losers, everybody is satisfied and proud of his personal result.

In my opinion it is most important if we enjoy and derive pleasure from sport, even if we're professionals.

Nowadays (here you have to insert sport, you like the best) are my favorite disciplines. I adore physical effort to achieve some goals, even insignificant ones. In my life sport is only a way of keeping myself in good condition and a source of great fun. Up to me, that's the way it should be.

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