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What do people in Poland thought that children in my age should to do and ought to do? What do people in my age used to do when I was younger? What my parents used to do when they was in my age?

Autor /Florenty Dodano /11.11.2011

My parents tell me to do many things. I must learn very well. I ought to be honest and sincere with them too. I must also be helpful in home. I must wash dishes, take out the rubbish and clean my room very often. I must tell them where I was and what I did when I am late after lessons.

When I was younger I could do much more things than I can do now. But I could not do some things which I can do only nowadays. Now I can stay up late. I can go sleep when ever I want. I can watch brutal films with many bloody scenes. When I was younger I used to play with toys. Now I have not got time for it. I am too busy. I used to go to trips to the forest or to far family. I used to eat food for babies and drink milk from the bottle.

My parents, when they was in my age, did many different things than I am doing today. They had to go to school six days in the week. They had to help more in their homes than I am.

They used to go to many parties. They wore different clouds and shoes.

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