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What do I think about “Małolat” action in Poland

Autor /Florenty Dodano /11.11.2011

In last few moths I heard about action "Małolat" in Wroclaw. Local policy had started action against the young children and teenagers which are out from theirs home at 2200. Every teenager below the age of 18 was stop and check theirs Ids. Then they was escorted back to theirs homes. But some of them was aggressive against the police so they had been arrested for a night. Then the police action spread out from Wroclaw, and now its almost in every bigger city in Poland.

I think that action "Małolat" is good because teenagers won’t destroy so much thinks as it was till now. They won’t take any drugs because police will catch them. There will be no, or not that much, murders and burglaries. They will not drink any alcohol because shop sellers won’t sell them any think when they are below 18. So when this action will be going on there will be no crimes. I think that is good and it will improve our safty.

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