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Water - a source of survive

Autor /Florenty Dodano /11.11.2011

More than two-thirds of the human body is water and we cannot survive for more than four days without drinking water although we can survive without food for many weeks.

Water is used in many manufacturing processes involving cooling and diluting ,for transport and to extinguish fires.

It also shape the landscape by creating valleys and eroding coastlines.

It is estimated than two-thirds of household worldwide use a water source outside the home.

In some parts of the world water has to be carried by hand from a distant water source.

One person needs at least five liters per day for drinking and cooking and a further twenty-five liters to keep clean.

Women in some countries spend several hours a day in the backbreaking task of carrying water.

Compared with this, just turning on a tap in your house is sheer luxury , but a luxury we often take for granted.

Even in advanced industrial countries ,however water is a cause of concern.

In agricultural areas ,people are worried about the amount of chemical fertilisers that farmers spread on their fields.

Water falls freely from the sky ,as part of an endless cycle of evaporation ,condensation and precipitation, but it has to be stored, treated and distributed and these processes cost money and have to be paid for.

In some parts of the world , countries are in dispute over the use of water from rivers and lakes that cross national boundaries.

The buildings of dams is particularly controversial because a large dam built to produce hydro-electric power may have effects outside the country where it has been built.

Floods lead to loss of life and environmental damage.

We are fortunate indeed if we can rely on a guaranteed ,economical.

Unlimited supply of fresh , clean water.

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