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Violence in family

Autor /DenoZomma Dodano /08.10.2005

Violence among family members is increasingly recognized as a major familiar and public health problem affecting the mental and physical health of the victim, of the perpetrator, and all of the other family members. Often violence includes women and children, but men can be victims of family violence as well. There are many types of abuse f.ex: physical abuse, sexual, emotional, economic or spiritual abuse. In my opinion all of them are very dangerous, but the worst is physical one I think.
So the most important questions are: why husbands are beating their wife’s? Why wife’s are beating their husbands? And why parents are beating their children? The answer is that they are ill, a little bit crazy but particularly they are very weak, because normal adults can’t harm their own kids in spite of all problems of every days life. We can say that they do it because of bad situation at work, at home, no money but hurting our own family members isn’t a solution. In the future this children couldn’t be happy because they wouldn’t trust anybody and it would be very hard to them to have a happy and normal family because they would have a big trauma.
We can see billboards in the streets encouraging us to telephone in confidence and report the cases of physical maltreatment to the police or any other organization which gives advice on what to do and how to get help. But sometimes it isn’t so easy because we can’t find a little bit of courage in ourselves because first of all we should want to get some help.
As individual people, family and community members we can contribute to the prevention of family violence by having zero tolerance to it and trying to help.
Children who are abused or witness abuse of a parent are at risk for becoming violent themselves.
So if you live in a violent home , find an adults you can trust and talk to them-do not be ashamed, just gethelp.

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