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TV with no violence would be too boring for most people – what’s your opinion?

Autor /Zachariasz Dodano /15.11.2011

In fact, this time television emited many films and programs with violence and blood. I think it’s due to times when we’re now living. Everywhere we’re listening about murders, shoplifings, shootings and because of it’s everywhere, why it shouldn’t be in TV? But in my opinion films with brutal murders are only for that people, which aren’t too much intelligent.

This time POLSAT – most popular tv program now emited over 10 hours a day silly and stupid brasilian novels without violence and I don’t know women which don’t watch that. It isn’t intelligent too. But in otherside in TV young man couldn’t find many interesting programs for him. I like Rower Błażeja, but it is emited in bad time for me, I watch it occasionally.

Let’s look on TV program. In the morning we can watch cartoons, in afternoon we must watch brasilians novels, in the night we’ve stupid films with violence. I think people are watching stupid films because of they must mark time. I often watch very popular nowadays reality show called Big Brother. There is no violence at all and I like it very much. I enjoy watching it and so do my friends. So it’s not true that TV without violence would be boring.

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