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Travelling - wypracowanie

Autor /Kalasanty Dodano /15.11.2011

In the modern world a lot of people travel: to other countries, to the seas, lakes, to the mountains. Many of us like travelling. They feel excited when they go abroad, where they meet people who have different habits, who speak other languages. Many of us are interested in geography or history - if they travel they have a lot of occasions to see some interesting places and monuments. The young, who go abroad often become more independent and they have a chance to develop their imagination and to learn communication with others.

People travel during holidays more frequently. After working all year some of us need a rest - then we can travel to spend free time in a pleasant and useful way. Most people realise their dreams during holidays - for example they watch Niagara for the first time or they are on Safari, which gives them plenty of great impressions. Some of us get real satisfaction at travelling, they relieve stress in this way. Others like going by train, car, ship or plane and it is also one of the causes why people decide to travel.

But we can also travel for our job. Many politicians, businessmen or journalists travel abroad all the time, they move from one country to another in a few hours or days. Sometimes it’s said they spend more time abroad than in their own country. Some people like these have to sacrifice their private life to travelling, which is connected with their job. But I think it is their own choice.

The problem is that some people don’t feel good when they travel. Many of them have stomachaches or headaches. I haven’t any problems like these and I think that it is a very unpleasant thing. Fortunately there are many medicines for these illnesses. Another problem is that many of us don’t have so much money to travel abroad. These people have to spend all their holidays in their own country. But in Poland there are many places where we can go, for example old cities like Gniezno or Cracow, where we can get to know our history, the sea or the mountains, where everyone can get a lot of interesting and marvellous experiences.

Summing up I think that everybody should travel. I was in some European countries where I saw many monuments and beautiful places, talked to foreigners. In my opinion travels teach us many useful things and broaden our mind. In the future, if I have money and enough time, I want to travel all over the world and I will induce my future family to do it.

sacrifice - poświęcać

get to know – dowiedzieć się

broaden our mind – rozwija nasze umysły

induce - skłonić

marvellous - wspaniały

fortunately - na szczęście

take part - brać udział

habits - zwyczaje

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