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The Visitor - opowiadanie

Autor /IropyipType Dodano /24.08.2005

It was a cold night, the street were empty when me and Paul were going home. That night

happened something I’ll never forget.

On our walk we were talking about the U.F.O. Suddenly Paul said “Did you see that?!” pointing the sky. I looked at the sky and saw something like a falling star but much bigger and slower. Then we heard some noise in our heads. We thought that somebody is trying to talk to us but we didn’t understand any word. “We should go and see what that was” I said and Paul agreed. We thought that flying thing will on Kapula Mountain but we were wrong. We found it in the street near the city. We were very frightened because the flying object looked like an U.F.O. We touched the flying object but it wasn’t metal it was some sort of plasma. U.F.O. was really big, about fifteen meters length and twenty height. Suddenly we saw a bright light from that object. We were so scared that we couldn’t move. And then we saw him, we saw an alien. He was green and tall (about three meters height) that is last thing I can remember.

I woke up in the morning near the road. I was tired and I didn’t remember what exactly happened that night. I found strange sings on my body. Nobody could tell me what they mean. And my best friend ,Paul, he was never found.

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