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The strangest family

Autor /Kajetan Dodano /11.11.2011

The strangest family... Hmm, maybe it will sound a little bit crazy but my family behave sometimes very strange and it obviously scares me! Perhaps it seems to be normal, but generally we have lots of wired habits.

We're not one of those patalogical families, because noone harms any other member of my family. Oh! Maybe except my sister and me. She is eighteen, and I'm seventeen and we still tease and ..... fight each other!. Quite likely there wouldn't be anything strange about some kin-quarells, if there weren't be any sharp and dangerous tools in game. Knifes, rulers, basketballs, chairs and tables, all are flying every afternoon. Honestly in my house it is normal as that that tomorrow the sun will rise! Of course there are plenty of damges and devastations. It's horrible, I know. But we like this! When we come back from school, we're agitated and full of energy. So we blow up and it happens too often, too often. Thats the relationship beetwen my sister Martha and me.

What about my parents? Well, they also aren't perfect. There are many days with no words in older part of my family. It sometimes pissed me off and can't stand it no more! So I try to solve their own problems. But there is no ude of trying to do anything in this direction. Because for a few days everythig goes back to the right place.

In my house there was always freedom and there always will be! I can swear and do many other unmoral things. But there is one conditon: I must always show respect to odlder people.

Each of us has various senses of humour and it cause many wicked situations full of consternations. I really love those moments. We have often some misunderstanding in our family. But it doesn't make us take offence at each other.we get used to that!

However I'm very greatful to my parents, that they make me born, and to my sister for low intelligence. Without them my life wouldn'd be so colour and funny and even sometimes dangerous. But no risk no fun !!!

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