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The role of television in your life

Autor /Kajetan Dodano /11.11.2011

The television matters a lot in my life. I spend many hours in front of my TV. I know that it isn't healthy activity, but I am addicted. I watch everything what is worth seeing, but sometimes I only change the channels all the time-

I like watching news. Especially "Fakty", "Wiadomości" i "Teleexpress". Every day I inquire about the current situation all over the world. Not only in politics. In culture too.

I am interested in sport so I watch live perfomances of soccer, basketball and tennis. It's good because you could see it without going out. And when the match is played in other country it is very comfortable. Besides you watch it from all directions and if you're on a stadium you've got only "one point of view".

Furthermore TV fulfils entertainment. I like watching cartoons. I am almost adult, but I still watch them. In my opinion the best channel of this kind is Cartoon Network. The cartoons are being broadcasted here 24 hours a day. They are in English so I could also learn it. I like listening to the music so I watch videoclips and concerts on MTV or Viva 2.

And of course the movies- But I am embarassed when I hear Polish lectors. I dream about movies with subtitles on polish TV but in my opinion it is only utopia-

There are also many other things that make TV special, like weather forecasts, competitions, talk-shows etc. Television is one of the best ways to spend our leisure time or to relax.

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