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The gap between generations ceases do exist.

Autor /REAXYSYNCPYNC Dodano /23.12.2005

Within the space of hundreds of years there has always been a gap between a young and an old generation.
However, sometimes the differences merged and many people were wondering whether it was going to come to a new order
all over the world or it was just a temporary situation.
Nowadays lots of people think that neither young nor old generation have got the same outlook on life.
But on the other hand, there are also people who think conversely.
For me it's unthinkable that "the young" and "the old" could be the same. There is no point in looking for common
interests between both generations even thought they exist, because everybody has their own world, life, hobbies etc.
These are the rules of the world and they should be kept at all.
For example the elderly can't wear the same clothes as the
young people although they want to, because they would be deemed crazy by others.
Furthermore, they would be also deemed mad if they regulary go to discos, pracitce sport, lead a night life etc.
Unlike to the young generation for which the activities I have mentioned above are ordinary.
Young people are said to think about entertainment, money and sex as well - which is normal and nobody wonders about it,
whereas for the elderly the most important things are health, religion, family, home, etc.
In conclusion, I have to say that the differences between both generations will always be huge.

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