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The Butterfly Effect - recenzja filmu

Autor /IropyipType Dodano /24.06.2005

I think the butterfly effect is the best movie what i’ve ever seen. This movie describs history of four friends. One of them – Evan – had very amazing life. As a child, he suffered blackouts and his mind is now a black hole of half-remembered memories and suppressed pain.
When Evan was young, doctor told him that he should write the diary, when he will write what he do everyday. “It will help” – doctor said. Unfortunately, it didn’t help. When he looked to his diary and read about moments what he had forgotten in his has become something wrong and Evan's life has changed. First time, Evan was a good student and teacher was his friend. Evan lived with his best friend, who was in my opinion the most fat boy in the world. When he has read in his diary moments what he has forgotten, his life has changed. Evan studied in the same university, but he lived with his girlfriend and his teacher wasn’t his friend. Evan didn’t wear leather jackets and trousers, but he wear sport-wear. When he read the diary, life of his friends and his mum’s life has changed also. Evan everytime tried to change life like he wanted. He has understood that his father knew what he said him. “You shouldn’t live” – father said. Evan has understood that his life is the one, big trouble. He used movies about his birth like a diary and went back in time to that day to change the past. During the labour he coil the umbilical cord around his throat and killed himself. Fact, that he didn't born helped his friends and his mother.

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