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Story - By the time I got there it was too late

Autor /Kajetan Dodano /11.11.2011

It was a nice,sunny day.I woke up ,as usually, at 10 o'clock.Because of hunger I could not make up my mind and decide what to do with the rest of such lovely day.As only did I get to the kitchen I found a piece of paper stuck to the fridge.My mother left me a note that there was no food at all because everything had been eaten during the party,the day before.I had to go to shop and buy some food.Not to starve any more I put clothes and shoes on and walked out.I wanted to make sunny side up eggs.When I reached the corner shop not only did I buy bread,eggs,some flank but also a lottery-ticket.

I was not used to spending money on such unnecessary things but I had some change and wanted to get rid of it.I put food into bag,the lottery ticket into a pocket and went back home.At my place I ate,changed clothes. I was going to watch TV when the telephone rang.It was my grandmother and she asked me to help her to dig the garden.I did so and when we were drinking hot chocolate after work she told me that that morning she had bought a lottery-ticket and there had been a lottery-drawing but she had not won.Then I realised that I had forgot about mu own ticket.I asked my grandma for the lucky number and I ran home.I could not believe that I won.

I was so happy that I started to jump and shout,"I am a millionaire".

After a while I took a cafefully look at my lucky ticket.There was a small warning that I had to take away the prize in time of 12 hours after lottery-drawing.I looked at my watch,it was 5pm. and the drawing had been at 10:30am.I had to get to the bureau in Gdańsk in the time of 5.5 hours.I left a note to my parents,took some money and managed to catch a train to Gdańsk at 5:30pm.It was a long journay.By the time I got there it was too late.

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