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Sport - wypracowanie i słówka

Autor /Kalasanty Dodano /14.11.2011

Sport is very important in our life. We spend a lot of time on learning, working, watching TV, using computers. Sometimes we feel bad, tired and often we live in stress. Then we need sport. It is a good way to relax. Our whole body and brain need it. When we work in the office or if we are students, we often sit on a chair for a long time. We often complain about our spinal curvature and we say that our eyes are tired. In this situation, we should run or play football, tennis, basketball, volleyball or other after work.

Sport has been a part of people’s life for many years. Many centuries ago in Roma or in Greece people held Olympic Games. Nowadays, in accordance with tradition, we also organise it - once four years. A major disciplines of Olympic Games are: running, wrestling, swimming.

A lot of people like watching sport on TV. We can often see many basketball and football matches there. Other people go to see football matches on stadiums - often we may meet dangerous „football fans” on the train or on the street. Most of them go to another city to beat other „fans” for fun. They often attack innocent people during their travels. I don’t understand people like them. I’m afraid of going to a football match because I can be beaten, so sometimes I watch them on TV. my favourite Polish team is Widzew Łódź.

For me sport is important. I like playing football, volleyball and running. I also like skiing. But many people in Poland forget about the existence of sport - they only work and rest in front of a TV set.

In my town there is a problem with playing football. Children often play it on lawns because there are too few playgrounds for them. the situation is good only in housing estates: there is usually a big school with a playground and next to blocks of flats there are places for playing basketball or volleyball.

Sport is very useful in our life. It helps us to relax, it can be our hobby. When we have spare time and we don’t know what to do, we may, for example, go to play football with our friends or keep fit and work out our silhouette. I think that all of us should practise some sport because it makes us healthier, stronger, it gives us satisfaction, may protect us from illness and helps us to relieve stress.

silhouette - sylwetka

relieve - pozbyć się stresu

block of flats - blok mieszkaniowy

housing estate - osiedle

playground = pitch - boisko

lawn - trawnik

accordance with ... - zgadzać się z ...

existence - występowanie, istnienie

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