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Space travels – a waste of time and money

Autor /Zachariasz Dodano /15.11.2011

In my opinion space travels are good, they can show us how looks other planets, scientist can research planets and in future when on the earth will be too small place for people, they will be living on other planets. Conquest of the cosmos is a next step in the future. Other planets could be usefull for us, our technic, can be there mineral sources for example. I think that space travels are not a waste of time or money. Thanks to these travels we know more and more about our planet and about the Solar system.

Perhaps in the future mankind will be forced to abandon the Earth because of any ecollogical disaster or nuclear war. So now we have to find out if there is a planet where we could live. Of all the planets mar is the only planet similar to Earth. Maybe in the future people will live there. Recently an American milionaire Tito went for a space journey on Russian shuttle. I’m sure he was the first but not the last. And perhaps in a few hundreds years all of we will be able to travel in space in a very past and cheap way.

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