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Should young people receive money?

Autor /Maksymilian Dodano /15.11.2011

In my opinion young people should receive pocket money. It’s only the way to conquer some independence. Everybody has needs. Young people also. They sometimes need to buy something for themselves. For example: to buy records, sweets, magazines or clothes. But they often spend money on alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. Then they shouldn’t receive pocket money. But thanks this money , they don’t have to steal. Sometimes young people spend money in short time. But thanks to pocket money, they could learn how to save money and how to spend it. I think that is very nice have your own money, and do with them, what do you want. But my mother gives me money always when I need it.

  • entertainment

  • cloths

  • we learn how to be responsible

  • we can plan our expenses

  • a lot of needs

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