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School Of Rock

Autor /IropyipType Dodano /21.08.2006

As one of the characters in this film, write four journal entries covering.
I chose: Tameka- the black girl singer.

1. First time the “teacher” walks in.
Tameka first time when she sow a teacher, was when “Ms.S” what’s something to eat hi ask children in the class “who go something to eat” she whose the one person which has anything to eat. She thing that Ms.Shnibly will teach them a Maths, but after that when he sow when the children have a music lesson he decide that they can be a part of his band. After that he nominated her for some things but that is in the next part.

2. The Planning of the concert.
Tameka first time whose nominated to do a “t-shirts, name of bant etc”, but after that shy came to Ms.Shneedley and see that she don’t won’t any more do this job shy wont to be a singer. Then he ask her to sing something “Ms.S” whose on press her voice, and ask her “why don’t you volunteer when is whose asking?” and then she see that she thing that she wouldn’t be good at this !! Then Ms.S see that he never heard sow beautiful voice, shy can’t thing now like some one special not only like a normal person of the band. Then the hole group went to the hear to the rock concert. She whose on a big press, she tell Ms.Shneedley that shy can not sing because shy thing that when she will do that every one will be pay on attention her since she is fat. The he take her to talk and see to her: “They don’t be laugh at you because each of them will be exacting about you voice since is great”, hi confute her to hers sing talent. That was for her really change because she believe on her self that her obesity is not a obstacle but soothing that she cane be proud on it.

3. Teacher night- exposit as a “fraud”
When the her parents came to school for a matting, when”Ms.S” tell them that he is not a license teacher, they was angry about her that she didn’t tell them that they have a school project “about rock music”, then they when’d to the headmaster of school ( like all parents) They thing that Tameka for 3 weeks was study Mats and they want to talk about security in the school, everything was change when they went to the concert.

4. The Concert
At the concert Tameka has her “own 5 minuets “ she was singing with Alicia and Marta, after that shy have her own time to sing, and she do that very well, Everting she can owe “Ms.S” because he see her something that has changed her thing about her voice and obesity. Every one was exciting about her voice her parent couldn’t event believe that, they was proud about her. With she the rock concert would be sow good how was, she was the part of sing. When her parents came to the concert they was not med her but they was proud that they have kid like that.

I reckon that Ms.Shneedley change Tameka maybe live because he was the first person who tell that her voice talent is the one thing that she can by “scared” ( because it sow good that every one would like that beautiful voice like her).

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