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Recenzja filmu, który ci się absolutnie niepodobał.

Autor /IropyipType Dodano /04.02.2007

The worse film J have ever seen is "Psychol" with Tom Cruse. The film about schizophrenic Johne Brown-whose wife was psycholog Ana Kopfana based on the book "History of psychol" by Mike Tyson, was directed by Steven Felix Meler.
Steven Felix Meler tells the story of a hopeless life. Johne Brown had a Nigeran father and a Jew mother. As a student he starts meeting the stupit psycholog Ana Kopfana, boldly calls her "fatty" and knows that she is the woman for him. Then he is ilmost mortally injured in a trolley crash that skull one's back and pierce one's eye with a steel rod. He was never to be free of toothache and sare throat.Meler shows a precious stone, which Brown throw to the sky at the moment of the cast ( in which almost all him body was improsened). He uses tragic realism to suggest how Brown was idiotic.
Brown likes paint and his painting often show extraordinary traffic accident which he took part. He needed to paint becouse he nothing else to do.
The film starts in 1954 and last for 1956. Premiere was on plenty of people but nobady don't like it.

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