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Rain Man So Complex, Yet So Simple

Autor /DenoZomma Dodano /26.06.2006

One of my favorite movies is “Rain Man.” A person could watch this movie over and over again. It provides insight to the personalities of an autistic man and his brother. Dustin Hoffman superbly plays the role of the autistic man, and Tom Cruise marvelously renders the role of his brother. This movie is exciting, tragically sad, yet heartwarming, and exceedingly humorous. It opens one’s heart to the fact that people today need to care, to show appreciation, and to always be considerate of one another.

“Rain Man’s” brother, “Charlie,” is a person who is always wheeling and dealing, living life in the fast lane, and getting into trouble, especially when he finds his autistic brother. His lifestyle is one of trying to make money the fast and easy way, which gets him into trouble financially. He continues this high rolling even after he finds his brother, for he discovers that “Rain Man” has the autistic ability to “count cards,” and so he employs this talent at the Black Jack tables in Las Vegas, fooling everyone and reaping huge winnings. Eventually, Charlie comes to realize that there is much more to life than money. During this time he finds his brother very difficult to deal with. Charlie has to rescue Rain Man from being run down by traffic and calm his hysteria when a smoke alarm goes off. There were many things that Charlie didn’t know about his own brother, and it seems that the whole world has become much that way. This movie reminds viewers that the human race seems to race here and there. People never take time to really know each other and spend quality time together. Families, especially, are being torn apart and labeled “dysfunctional.”

If one found out that he had an older brother that no one ever told him about, it would probably put him in a total state of confusion. How sad Charlie must have felt, and even more confused, when he couldn’t understand what was wrong with his brother. Any individual watching this movie would be sympathetic toward the autistic character, Rain Man, for he was so upset when his world seemed to be turned upside-down. He lived a nice simple life with routine and regularity, and then was suddenly thrown into the fast lane with Charlie. One can sense that Charlie is developing affection for his brother and, also, deep inside himself, Rain Man knows and loves Charlie. As time passes, Charlie calms down, particularly when he discovers that he named his brother, Raymond, “Rain Man.” Rain Man showed him a picture he had carried with him since Charlie was just a toddler, and Charlie then remembered the imaginary friend in his childhood who sang to him, whom he called “Rain Man.” This pierced Charlie’s heart. Charlie began to exhibit much more patience and tolerance of Rain Man’s antics, which really are quite amusing. The naive innocence of Rain Man depicted throughout the movie captivates and appeals to human emotions. The autistic man’s character throws aside the thought of something that may be utterly gross and makes it comical.

With all the trouble and confusion portrayed in this movie, the writers weave into the script a fair amount of comedy. The actors delivered the scenes so well that anyone would have to laugh. Rain Man’s blanket of security is to recite familiar phrases repeatedly. One scenario he recites is the opening introduction to the Wheel of Fortune television show, and this he does with great enthusiasm. He also repeats an old Abbott and Costello dialogue, “Who’s on first….” from beginning to end. Rain Man also has the capability of tuning into the simple sound of tires racing across a bridge span, and then humming that tune very loudly. Scenes in which Rain Man farts while being enclosed with Charlie in a phone booth, or buying underwear at Kmart, and “Kmart sucks,” would make anyone laugh and they are stamped on one’s memory forever.

In this world today, we need to care for, understand, and have compassion for others in a deeper fashion. “Rain Man” develops that very thought, and utilizes the character of an autistic personality brilliantly. Viewers are reminded throughout the movie that each human being, here on this earth, is just a simple note in a great symphony. The emotions depicted in this movie bring tears to the eyes of one who views it. “Rain Man” is a classic.

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