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Professional sport

Autor /Beatryks Dodano /11.11.2011

Sport is a popular activity. People who practise sports are healthy. We know two kinds of sport : amateur sport and professional sport. Amateur sportsmen train because they like it and they do not get any money for it.

Proffesional sport is connected with huge money. Best football teams are sponsored by big companies except FC Barcelona in exchange of it they get membership cards and players advert them.

Today`s sport means the risk of getting injured by players so they insure themselves. Some of them insure their legs, hands. Michael Schumaher insured his legs and when he had a car accident and broke his leg he got much money. Some of old sportsmen have problems with their health. Muhammed Ali (Joe Frazier) who was famous boxer is very sick. Many sportsmen mostly culturists have problems with their backbones.

Some of proffesional sportsmen got pregnant and after few weeks they have abortion. It is illegal kind of natural doping. Doping is a huge problem of professional sport. It increases speed and power of sportsmen. Doping is prohibited because it is very unhealthy. Before and after championship players` urine is tested. If he is tested possitive he is stripped of the medals and may be disqualified. Taking sterids is prohibited, too. Sterids build big muscles but they are very unhealthy. If you took sterids and do not do it now you will lose your big muscles. Players realize that doping and sterids are unhealthy and prohibited but they take them.

As far as football is concerned - in European Union countries players may chose team and city where they will play but in other countries they must not.

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